Retro Polka Dot Dress

I’ve always been told that I would have loved the ‘50’s and I think that they’re totally right! The dresses were absolutely lovely back then and the part I love the most is that it was the standard in fashion to dress nice. The standards have fallen so drastically in my lifetime, I won’t even comment on the jeans down to the knees look. But I can’t wear a dress a single day without being asked where I’m going “so dressed up”. Y’all this just irks me, as it’s just my daily wardrobe. I have no issues by staying true to myself no matter what decade I live in. Alright, mini rant over let’s get back to this adorable dress!

This post contains items gifted by Gamiss but picked out by myself.


I snagged this Sweetheart dress from Gamiss and it’s just to adorable for words! Not only do I absolutely love the polka dots but the details like the trim around the bottom and the tie on the chest help make this dress even more appealing.

I chose to keep my earring a little more understated with just some Kate Spade studs, but my shoes I thought would be fun to add a splash of pink! Polka Dots, Pink Heels and a killer confidence sounds like a typical day in my world.

Have a fantastic week y’all!

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