The Brown Basset

As soon as I heard that a new dog bakery was opening in Chelsea I started stalking their page like a Kate Spade bag on sale. Once the grand opening was announced I planned a date with Tucker to take him to The Brown Basset. I was lucky enough to meet the owners the night before so I was already on friendly terms before I even walked in the door. I’ve made a bit of a Friday habit by stopping by after work for Tucker’s t-r-e-a-t-s for the week.

The owners, Staci and John are absolutely lovely and new to the area. They did a fantastic job transforming the space and it is more adorable than my pictures do it justice. As you walk in the door there is an old gum ball machine that is actually filled with bite size t-r-e-a-t-s. (If you have a fur baby you know why I’m spelling that word.)

Once inside I was greeted by the owners I had just met the night before and escorted down to the bakery case. This is my new favorite spot as I love watching all of the dogs try to figure out how to get the cookies out of the case. It’s just an adorable sight to see. I picked several flavors for Tucker, he LOVES anything with a spice so I knew I was going to want the apple cinnamon bones. I also picked up a cinnamon donut, pumpkin drizzle cookies and my personal favorite… a breath mint cookie. No offense Tuck.

Tucker was needing a day trip out of the house and thoroughly enjoyed all of the new sights, smells and new friends that he tried to make at the Grand Opening. The Brown Basset sure knew how to throw an opening, they had cupcakes for us dog parents as well as a photographer that happily took your pictures out back with your fur baby. Since Tucker is small there were things I wasn’t drawn to but I think would be fabulous for larger dogs such as birthday cakes and homemade ice cream!

The Brown Basset is a perfect edition to our lovely town! Chelsea is actually a very dog friendly town and they needed a special place just for themselves. I can’t wait to watch them grow! The bakery is only open on Friday through Sunday so next time you plan to spend the weekend in my small town make sure that you stop by for your fur baby.

Have a great Labor Day weekend everyone! I know I have been so busy at work that I might not even get out of bed on Monday. Speaking of work, check out The Brown Basset’s shirts for sale. The girl who made them is absolutely AMAZING! πŸ˜‰


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