My 3 Favorites from Mermaid Winery

If I’m being completely honest, I really wish that I had spent more time at the Mermaid Winery in Norfolk, Virginia when I was there this summer. Because of our time table my Mom and I only had a couple of minutes to spend and boy did we stock up knowing it!

I had read all about the winery before our trip and knew I wanted to stop there for gifts and to bring some home. The winery not only carries their own wine but wines from all over, but I skipped to their personal wine selection. Tucked in the heart of a city, the mini courtyard was surrounded by grape vines and a classic Norfolk Mermaid welcomes you inside. We  were immediately greeted and let me tell you this guy did such a remarkable job with our short time frame that we ended up leaving with way more than necessary.

Without further ado, here are my favorite 3 wines from Mermaid Winery:
1. Pinot Noir– PN is my absolute go-to, and I immediately fell in love with theirs at first sip.
2. My Beach Peach– a lovely peach wine that makes summer get togethers all the more lovely. It reminds me of a Peach Moscato which is usually a big crowd pleaser. This became a family favorite and was our go-to gift for our friends.
3. Strawberry Merlot– Way different than you’re thinking! It’s not like anything I’ve ever had before and almost tastes like Strawberry Jam! It’s definitely a sweeter red, just not as syrupy as a moscato. Not at all like a normal Merlot, which is probably why we instantly fell in love with it!

Not only did I buy my 3 favorite wines, but I also went home with 2 of their Mermaid Winery no stem glasses! I’d been in the market for some and thought they would be perfect for this Mermaid! 😉 The winery has weekly movie nights, a delicious looking menu and a slew of events that I really wish I had had the time to experience.

Curious about the Norfolk Mermaids? I’ve loved them all of my life, but here is a bit more about them: Norfolk Mermaids

Have a fantastic weekend y’all!

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