My Guide to Ann Arbor: West Side

Whether your coming for a visit, passing through or even decided to attend the University of Michigan my wish is that these lists of my favorite spots in Ann Arbor help guide your way through the city that has been my playground all my life. I decided to start off my Guide to Ann Arbor with the side that I tend to spend most of my time in, the West Side! It’s actually closest to Chelsea, so it only takes me about 15 minutes to get to all of my favorites.

Little disclaimer, some of these will be national chains, some will be exclusive to the area and some will be small businesses. I thought it was best to just give you all of my favorites!

Lunch: Seva, Star’s Cafe, Zingerman’s Roadhouse

Dinner: Carlyle, Metzgers

Coffee: Zingerman’s in Plum, Songbird Cafe


Plum Market


Pamper yourself at Heaven Nail Spa

Vet’s Park

Massage with Lindsey Hall

Movie at Quality 16

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