Torrid Military Jacket

It’s Jacket week at Lipstick Lattes and Pearls! As the temperature starts cooling it’s the perfect time to start styling with a statement jacket which is why I will be sharing my jacket wish list on Friday. Until then I thought I would share this awesome Military Style Jacket from Torrid which comes with a pretty funny story.

This jacket’s story starts back in June when I was in Virginia with my family. Let me start by saying that June in Virginia is NOT the time to be shopping for jackets… just saying. I was in the Apple Store or “THE Store” as my family calls it when my Aunt looked down at the level below and noticed that Torrid was having a sale. It was buy 1 get 2 FREE! Yes, you read that right. Which is why we shuffled on down as fast as the escalator would go. I actually found this jacket immediately! My only problem was that it was priced on sale at $65 ( I had just bought Land y’all!) and I thought that was a lot for the sale price not to mention I couldn’t find another 2 items! I couldn’t seem to put it down so I brought the jacket up to the register just to see if it rung up any different and I was told it was the same on the tag.

My Aunt seemed to have a different problem, she found two tops but couldn’t find a third! Long math story short we decided to split the cost of the jacket and she would get her other two tops FREE. We were on our way to the register when my almost 10 years to the day younger cousin walked in and fell in love with my jacket… we now had two of those jackets and my Aunts favorite top out of the two on our way to the register. A different woman started ringing us up and the jacket was listed in the computer around $38!! I started praising Jesus right then and there in the store! We were shocked, but took it as a blessing; each paid our $20 and ran out of there as fast as possible. So, yes I bought this jacket on sale at Torrid for only $20! Y’all that’s a steal!

This was my first time shopping at Torrid, as there isn’t one close to where I live. It was definitely a memorable one and although I was focused on the sale lots of other items caught my eye. I can’t wait to stop by another location some day! I love throwing the jacket on over my black jeans and a classic t-shirt. I work in a pretty casual environment so this helps add a bit of embellishment to my outfit. I kept it classic with my Cora’s Den Monogram necklace and Tory Burch Millers that are still out in full force. 

I have been sick all weekend and am hoping that it disappears before this weekend as I’d rather not be sick on my Birthday… AGAIN! Last year I couldn’t even get out of bed. Have a great week everyone and please send some get well wishes my way.

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