Halloween Wish List 2018

I’m interrupting my usual post schedule because Rosegal is having an awesome Halloween sale. They have some adorable things this year, including my mythical sparkle top. I am sharing some of my other favorite pieces with you.

This post contains items gifted by Rosegal, picked out by myself.


LOVING this dress! Trust me, if I had plans to go out for Halloween this would totally be in my closet. Keeping it classy with the accessories while a hint of playfulness in the pattern of the dress. Best part? It’s pink of course!!


This is probably the more accurate description of me Halloween night. I tend to stay in, eat candy and start watching Hallmark Christmas Movies. #Guilty But how cute is this bag?!?


Loving the sugar skulls on this dress, perfect way to glam it up a bit! Also those earrings are now on my wish list. I would totally figure out a way to glam up my Halloween costume if I was dressing up!

Use code RGNancy for 12% off!

What are you wearing for Halloween?? Make sure to check out Rosegal’s adorable options!

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