Blue Beaded Flutter Tee

It’s been a long week already, and it’s only Tuesday! It’s time for me to have a day of relaxation or at least a shopping day. Speaking of shopping, I’m sharing this latest score on my last Kohl’s trip and it was just too adorable not to get!


The moment I laid eyes on this beaded flutter tee I knew I had to have it and in a perfect world I would have bought every single color. I chose the blue as I just can’t get enough of it in my wardrobe lately, but trust me I’ve been eyeing the black one as well. The sleeves have such a lovely feminine touch to an otherwise normal tee. There is a delightful beading that adds the perfect amount of bling to this top that makes it fabulous enough for my wardrobe.

I kept it a bit simpler with my grey jeans but totally added more bling with my monogram pearl necklace from Shop I Love Jewelry. I’ve shared my monobox from them before, but this necklace is to wonderful to pass up! The monogram is etched in, so a bit hard to see in pictures with the sun but you can catch an angle of it. Pearls go with everything so this has become my go-to monogram necklace lately. Just check out my outfit of the days on my instagram stories to see it more! πŸ˜‰ Speaking of instagram, if you haven’t yet make sure to enter my birthday giveaway!!
Have a lovely week y’all!

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