Keeping it Casual in Downtown

I’ve said it before, I have a jeans 9-5 job. Believe it or not it’s actually really hard for me to style with jeans and I’ve learned a lot throughout the past year doing so. At some points I even got a bit lost and needed to regroup myself as I am clearly not a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. Which is one reason why my casual jeans look happens to include pearls! Now that’s more my style!

I LOVE dusters! They’re just so comfortable and effortless. Although I prefer to throw them on over sundresses with my flip flops I have gotten used to layering them over tanks and jeans to help get me through the Fall season. I picked this one up at JCPenney a couple months ago and it’s been on repeat in my closet ever since.

Yes, even though it’s below 40 here in Michigan I am still wearing tanks. Only to layer with of course but I love how easy and effortless they are. I have these tanks in every single color and got them from work so if you’re interested just send me an email! I’m a big believer that if you love something, get it in every color! I know, I’m a horrible influence to shop with. I paired my outfit with my favorite new jeans from Stitch Fix and my Tieks that I wear almost everyday at work. My coffee clutch is always within reach for a day in my town as well as my pearl monogram necklace from Shop I Love Jewelry!

What is your go-to casual style? With daylight savings this week I am ready for a lot more coffee, I don’t know about you but it messes with my head for weeks. Have a great week y’all, and don’t forget to vote today!

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