2018 Holiday Gift Guides

It’s the biggest shopping day of the year! Happy Black Friday everyone! Although I am not one to get out early in the freezing cold and shop, I’d rather sleep in. I thought it would be the perfect time to share my gift guides for the season with you, that way you can do all of your shopping from the comfort of your home with a cup of coffee.

  1. Diffuser// I snagged this diffuser from the Nordstrom sale in July and it is by far my favorite of my 3 diffusers! It’s actually a glass dome and is just perfect. I keep this one in my bathroom, but it’s the perfect gift for someone just getting into oils or who happens to love diffusing like me.
  2. Fish Earrings// (Use code KATIE25 for 25% off!) These earrings are just so classic! They’re simple, elegant and a perfect little gift.
  3. Whiskey in a Teacup Wristlet// (Use code GATHERROUND for 25% off) I haven’t had a chance to read Reese’s new book yet, but I know the story behind the title and I absolutely adore it! Who doesn’t love wristlets?!?
  4. Eyeshadow Palette// (Use Name: Kathryn Anne Klink/Enroller ID: 10600064/Sponsor ID: 10600064 when checking out) This eyeshadow palette is on my Christmas list! I’m loving Young Living’s makeup line and more eyeshadows are right up my alley.
  5. Grit & Grace Hilary Tee// (Use code KATIE15 for 15% off!) This tee is definitely next on my list to get from Grace Layne. I absolutely fell in love with it!
  6. Sugar & Spice Shoes// (On sale for $78 AND use code GATHERROUND for 25% off) I have found that Jack Rodgers run small so size up, but these shoes are adorable and the velvet is perfect for this Winter season.
  7. Bracelet// (Use code KATIE25 for 25% off!) This bracelet is adorable! Perfect for adding to your stack!
  8. Slip Pillowcase// I personally have this pillowcase in Navy and I don’t think I’ll ever get a different one. It’s lovely for your face and your hair so it helps which whichever way you sleep! Personally, I’m all over so it’s perfect for me and totally worth the price tag.
  9. Gucci Belt// This is probably the priciest item on my list, but it is on my wish list. It’s a splurge and would be a very loved one!

  1. Diffuser// (Use Name: Kathryn Anne Klink/Enroller ID: 10600064/Sponsor ID: 10600064 when checking out) Have I mentioned that I love diffusers?! I would honestly have one in every room if I could get away with it.
  2. Sugarfina// These candy boxes are just too cute. They would make perfect stocking stuffers as well as a token gift.
  3. Nutcracker Plates// I LOVE MacKenzie Childs!!! I can’t wait until I move on my own and have the chance to invest in pieces for my home. Fun Fact: I collect Nutcrackers so anytime I see them I just have to have them. These plates are adorable and would be perfect for Christmas morning brunch or evening with cookies!!
  4. Southern & Sophisticated Tumblers// (Use code KATIE15 for 15% off!) I LOVE my tumbler and have been using it every morning for my protein shakes. Grace Layne even gave me and extra one and I’m thinking about giving it away…
  5. Pizzazzerie Book// I adore Courtney and have followed her on Instagram for years! Her dog George steals the show. I recommend this book for a fun, colorful and happy way to host a party.
  6. Hello Darlin’ Tote// (On Sale for $18 AND use code KATIE15 for 15% off!) Who doesn’t need another tote?! It’s even perfect if you fill it with other things to gift. A win, win!
  7. Cozy Blanket// Blankets are always a great idea and I’ve heard wonderful reviews on this one and how soft and cozy it is. It’s definitely the season to get cozy on the couch with a blanket and a cup of hot cocoa.

  1. Tom’s Cinderella Shoes// (Use code THANKFUL for 30% off!) I’ve been wanting to try Tom’s for YEARS! I just never did find the right shoe.. until they released the Disney collections!!! When they announced these glass slipper Tom’s I just knew I had to have them. I might have been waiting for this sale and totally scored them last night during some pumpkin pie induced shopping. Totally going with me on my cruise.
  2. Wave Ring// (Use code KATIE25 for 25% off!) This ring is perfect for any water lover. A lovely reminder of the ocean in a dainty thoughtful gift.
  3. 70 Oil Holder// We all know I LOVE oils and taking them from place to place can prove to be a bit problematic. I do have an oil display but I’ve outgrown it fast. This case holds 70 bottles and seems to be perfect to be on the go with or just for extra storage.
  4. Rainbow Wine Tumblers// (On sale for less than $9!!) One word, WINE! Through in a bottle with a pair of tumblers and this makes a great gift!
  5. Adorable Luggage// How picture worthy is this set?! I would love it for road trips as I wouldn’t want it to get ruined in baggage claim. But it’s totally adorable!!!
  6. Clear Packing Cubes// I have mentioned before how much I love packing cubes. I have some mesh ones but these are CLEAR! Everything is better when it’s clear, I love being able to see what’s inside when traveling.
  7. Travel Memory Kit// (It’s 50% off!!) A lovely gift for the crafty types that love to travel.
  8. Tory Burch Miller Flats// I LOVE these shoes! I honestly want them in every color and am building up a savings for my next pair. I have them in black and have been eyeing the gold ones next.

  1. Wallet// My Mom has always given my Dad a new wallet every year for Christmas. I’ve always loved that tradition as he’s usually needing one by then. It’s a tradition I intend to keep with my Man.
  2. Record Player// Loving this turntable! Perfect gift for the old fashioned music lover!
  3. Car Diffuser// (Use/Name: Kathryn Anne Klink/Enroller ID: 10600064/Sponsor ID: 10600064 when checking out) I’m loving these new car diffusers! It’s an allergy friendly way to add an air freshener that you can control to your car. Love it!
  4. Bose Speaker// (It’s 30% off!!) These seem to be on everyone’s Christmas list this year and it’s perfect when it’s on sale. PS: Does it come in pink for me?
  5. Sunglasses// (Use code LIPSTICKLATTESANDPEARLS at checkout for 40% off!) Although we don’t have a lot of sun in the Winter here in Michigan, if you’re traveling somewhere where it does still shine sunglasses are a great idea!
  6. Carry On Cocktail Kit// If you’re in a travel mood like me this would make a perfect stocking stuffer. Especially if you have a big trip coming up.
  7. Overnight Tote// Clearly you’re seeing a travel theme from me this year. Overnight totes are the perfect size for road trips, carry on’s or even just a gym bag.

  1. Sweater// I’m always on the hunt to find adorable outfits for Tuck, especially if they can match me. Yesterday I wore black polka dots and he wore a black polo. But this star one is ADORABLE!
  2. Pet Cam// How awesome would it be to check in on your pets during the day!?!? This camera just looks like fun and a whole new obsession. It’s 25% off right now!
  3. Lick Croix Toy// Toys are always a great idea! I like to get my little ones toys resembling things that I love. Tucker even has an iPaw (iPhone) that he likes to call me on! 😉
  4. Pet Health Monitor// (It’s 30% off!) My little guy is getting up there in age, so I am worrying more and more about his Health. This health monitor seems to let me check in on his movements even when I’m not with him during the day.
  5. Bone Appetit Jar// This jar is totally countertop worthy! It’s affordable and from Walmart!!
  6. Dog Bed// (It’s 70% off!!) Every now and then it’s time to throw out the old beds and get my little ones new ones. Recently I’ve had to do that throughout the year and they seem to love it. Maybe use Christmas as a reminder to refresh your pet’s bed?! Plus it’s on sale!
  7. Travel Water Bottle// I’m always on the go, so I like to keep emergency/travel things for Tucker packed in my truck. This water bottle is perfect since it also becomes the dish!

Happy Shopping y’all! I’m off to work again this morning to close out my busy week. My hometown’s football team has made States and is playing at Ford Field today. Which means that we have been crazy busy making shirts for the game, I think we’re up to 1400?! In 2 days!! Can’t wait for tomorrow, my family and I are heading up to Frankenmuth for the day. Have a great weekend!

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