5-2-Oh Food Truck

It’s finally Friday, so let’s talk about tacos! Because what would go better with a Friday than tacos?! A couple weeks ago I shared the absolute best tacos in my life while I was shopping in Frankenmuth on my Instagram stories. Well, now I’m giving you all of the details.

I was at the last stop in my adventures for the day when I noticed a cluster of trucks on one end of the parking lot at the outlets in Birch Run. It was raining off and on, miserably cold and really I didn’t feel like a stroll. I was honestly reading to fill up on cookies all the way home. My adventurous spirit got the best of me and I was checking out those trucks in less than a minute. To my delight they were food trucks! Y’all know how much I love a food truck!

I ended up choosing 5-2-Oh to grab a bite to eat. Chef John, the owner happily chatted with us as he prepared our food. The name of the truck comes from his old area code in Arizona as him and his family are new to Michigan and absolutely loving it here! We were also chatting with the lady in front of us in line as he made her a custom vegan dish that was totally off the menu! How awesome is that?! My Mom and I chose the shrimp tacos… and let me tell you… we were speechless.

I don’t even think that my account would do these justice. Chef John made sure to pack them with shrimp, he doesn’t like it when there are only like 5 pieces in a taco. There was probably close to 10 pieces in each taco if not more. They were crisped to perfection, covered with this sweet chili sauce that added a kick to it, topped with a cilantro lime slaw that helped cool the temperature right down and then placed into a warm grilled taco shell. I didn’t take a bite until I reached the car, as I said it was raining. The moment I did, my entire world was that taco. Literally my Dad kept trying to talk to my Mom and me but we were literally speechless. Unless it was about our tacos that we were savoring we couldn’t hear him. It might be a good thing that 5-2-Oh is about 2 hours away from me. I would literally eat them every day.

Heading the tri-city area in Michigan? This would definitely be my stop! 5-2-Oh just announced that for the winter they are taking over the kitchen of the Curve Bar & Grill in Bay City! Tacos all year round? I’m totally game!

I’m working again this weekend, while packing for my trip next month at night. How many shoes are too many to bring?!? Have a great weekend y’all!

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