Traveling Vegetarian: Honey Hole

Cheers to the weekend y’all! It’s the last of my busy season at my 9-5 so I can finally sit back and relax enough to enjoy Christmas. Speaking of Christmas, this year when attending my Church’s Christmas Production called the Glory of Christmas my friends and family ate at the cutest place in Plymouth called the Honey Hole.

I’m actually the one that chose the Honey Hole for us to all dine at. I needed something that offered items for everyone’s dietary needs and this seemed to check off every box on my list. It was a great choice and I can’t wait to go back!

This sweet place adorned with flowers hosts a full coffee bar, and a menu ranging in breakfast to dinner all day long. There were honestly so many options for me I was giddy with excitement.

It was a very chilly evening and I was also sitting near the door so I started with this adorable latte. It was delicious and I just love the clear mug that it was served in. My latte was such a hit that I ended up ordering one for my Mamaw and Mom as well! Otherwise they were going to keep stealing mine.

I knew immediately that I wanted to try their Mac ‘n Cheese, hello comfort food!! Their’s is made with rigatoni pasta and is packed with flavor. I especially loved the crust on top that gave it a very warm and comforting touch.

I’m always in a mediterranean mood so I couldn’t wait to order the falafel pita wrap. It was very large so I cut it in half which is great for a picture. It was served with a garlic sauce which did not disappoint as well as a side of pickled turnips which I am secretly obsessed with. (Can I have extra?) The wrap was served with potato wedges which were seasoned beautifully. But the wrap was the star of the show.

Since we were heading to a show I actually ordered dessert to go. It ended up being a perfect late night treat when we finally returned home. I chose the homemade cheesecake which was absolutely delightful and I just loved the berries that came along with it.

I ordered a bit for myself knowing that I would have plenty to take home for lunch the next day. I also really wanted to try more but kept myself reigned in. Have a blessed weekend everyone and a very Merry Christmas!!

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