Grit, Grace & Nutrition Shakes

Happy New Years Y’all!! I thought I would start off the New Year by talking about one of my favorite brands and nutrition. Now, let’s be really honest here… My nutrition is not perfect. Trust me, I have been referring December as cookie month. Things got real sugary around here. But I jumping back into my normal routine today and hopefully will behave until next December.

Let’s start off with this adorable Hillary tee from Grace Layne. The minute they released it I just knew I had to have it. It’s a classic camo print and has the words “Grit & Grace” on it. It’s perfect for my soft and sassy demeanor. The tee has a little bunch on the side adding a playful feminine touch to the top. It’s also a little thicker of a top which makes it perfect for this time of year when I do have to dress a tad bit warmer. Plus I can always add a jacket when things get chilly.


Make sure to use code KATIE15 for 15% off your purchase at Grace Layne! They’ve had some awesome sales lately too!!!

I styled the tee with my classic black Calvin Klein jeans and my favorite booties from the N Sale this past summer. I also wanted to keep my jewelry a bit simple so I just added a pair of my Kate Spade white drop earrings (similar).

Now, let’s get onto the nutrition part…. it is New Years after all! A new shake place opened up in my little town of Chelsea called Bulldog Nutrition. The mascot for Chelsea is the Bulldogs, so the name is fitting. It’s owned by the sweetest owners who have done a great job making you feel welcome in the space while giving off a healthy vibe. All of their shakes are made with the Herbalife. While, I’m not interested in that end of things, they certainly are delicious and make for a great quick meal when I’m running late. I’ve gone quite a bit last month trying to stay as healthy as possible while stressing out and eating cookies, it’s all about balance y’all!

When you order they actually give you two things, a shake of your choosing as well as a tea of your choosing. The tea is supposed to help with energy and I have become partial to the Skittles one. As for the shakes, I’ve tried a ton but the one in the picture is a strawberry white chocolate. I don’t go every week, but it’s nice to have that quick option when I need it and I’ve made it a habit of going there instead of the bakery on mornings I’m craving a donut.

I hope that y’all have a blessed New Year! Personally, God gives me a word or theme every year so I’m waiting to find out what 2019 will be. Past ones have been Strength, (preparing for) Change, Forgiveness, Balance and so on. Have a great week y’all!

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