Styling a Maxi in Winter

We all know that I’m a dress girl, and the temperature outside should make no difference. I know as Winter goes on us in the North get a bit lazy with our wardrobes and tend to live in jeans and sweaters. Well, I’m kicking it up a notch this week with this purple floral maxi dress from Rosegal.

This post contains items gifted by Rosegal, handpicked by myself.

The moment I saw this maxi online I knew it would be perfect for this time of year. The colors don’t scream summer and the best part? It’s actually long sleeve! I’m the first to admit that I get in a bit of a rut wardrobe wise after Christmas. It’s just such a confusing blank time frame when you really don’t know what to wear, you just know you’re cold. With no warmth in site.

To break out of my rut I tend to push myself this time of year to take what I love and figure out how to make it Winter friendly. Maxi dresses are perfect for that challenge. This dress has a wrap feel with a little tie that help define my waist and help keep it flattering.

I paired the dress with my favorite leather jacket, I just love that it adds a different feel to the outfit. The jacket is perfect to just throw on when I’m headed out the door especially when its a warm 30 degrees outside. Yes, you read that number correctly. I’m also sporting my black booties and favorite hoop earrings.

Fellow Northerners, I challenge you to mix up your wardrobe a bit this week. Especially with things that you love and make it work in Winter.

Have a blessed week y’all!


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