Traveling Vegetarian: HopCat

I’ve actually had the pleasure of visiting two HopCat locations over the years and have loved it every time. Ann Arbor was my first visit years ago and East Lansing was two years ago when I was in town for an event and I knew it was the best place to eat in that area. On my latest visit in Ann Arbor a week or two ago I decided it was finally time to blog about it.

HopCat is your typical sports bar with a heavy brewpub twist to it. The beer menu is insane and I have tried a bunch of them as I love ordering the little samples. I also love that I feel like it’s always changing with the seasonal options. In the past I was eating turkey and have tried several burgers with the turkey patty option. EVERY time I have ordered the crack fries and that is precisely what I did as soon as I entered the building this time. They are seasoned fries that are so delicious, once you start you really will not stop.

The fries were so amazing and we were so hungry that I actually forgot to take a picture. Luckily I had more coming with my meal but the appetizer version was served with a cheese sauce that is simply outta sight. This visit I ordered the vegetarian kinkaid reuben. The awesome part about their Reubens? HopCat adds sauerkraut AND slaw!! The best of both Reubens all wrapped up into one. The veggie version is stacked with spinach, mushrooms and onions and then smothered with delicious cheese. My Mom and I split the sandwich as usual so the full portion would be both our dishes!

Half is always perfect and I usually have a hard time eating all of that to begin with. So, naturally I am the Queen of take home containers and love leftovers!

HopCat has a bunch of locations, mostly in college towns. So, if you’re looking for a bite check to see if there is one near you! Make sure to try the fries! Have a great weekend y’all!

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