Traveling Vegetarian: Fresh Forage

A new restaurant opened on my side of Ann Arbor and y’all know I HAD to go check it out! Fresh Forage was opened by a couple of locals straight outta college and is special in that it’s locally sourced as well as completely customized!

It’s a bit confusing at first when you walk in on what the protocol is but once you get the hang of it, it’s easy! You can order using the kiosks or even at the window. I chose the kiosk for my first time and found it easier than most. If walks you through step by step on building your bowl. The page explained which toppings were free, which were an added cost and how many to pick on each page until you reached the check out. There were even extras to add.

Your phone buzzes when your order is up at the window, but your name is also called out. After I picked up my dish I headed to the side counter where there were an assortment of sauces to try out. I even splurged and got myself a diet soda to help with the garlic sauce that ended up on my plate.

My bowl includes so much I don’t even think I’m going to cover it all, I have kale, pickled slaw, Brussels sprouts, mushrooms, red cabbage, sprouts, micro greens and cheese. A true vegetarian delight. I will say that the sauce is a must as it gets a bit dry with all the greens. But it sure was delicious. I can’t wait to try more combinations and maybe even a smoothie!

Have a great weekend y’all!

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