Shopping for Ears

Guess what? Yesterday was my first day back from my two week vacation and let me tell y’all, I am so relaxed and mellow. My trip was truly wonderful and before we dive right into all things tropical I thought I would share a land post today. Right after debarking my cruise I stopped in Disney Springs to do a bit of ear shopping.

It became apparent to me that my 14 year old leopard ears might be a bit dated. Especially with so many great new fun options that have popped up lately. I had been seeing them online, but when I stepped up to the ear wall in the World of Disney I just started giggling as I tried them all on. Let’s go through my fav’s.

Attraction Ears: These ears have just hit the parks and they were certainly adorable. The bow includes graphics from Magic Kingdom including Space Mountain, the Partners Statue and the Pirate Ship to name a few. It also has 2019 on the side of the headband in pink to give it a memorable touch. (Available only in the Parks)

Iridescent Ears: These were one of my favorites for sure! They are white with a bit of translucent feel. The bow completely makes it and I just know that they would help make my Mermaid Disney Bounding dreams complete.

Classic Polka Dot Ears: I’m a sucker for polka dots and I absolutely adore this take on the classic Minnie ears. They are sparkly, dotty and so much fun to match my polka dot outfits with.

Rose Gold Ears: These were by far my favorites and although I didn’t buy them I planning on it. This one is definitely for the Rose Gold fans out there. They are pink, sparkly and would go great with just about any outfit. (Available only in the Parks)

It sure is going to be a long week getting back into the swing of things. The biggest one being the large amounts of snow that I came home to. Can’t wait to share more of my adventures with you!

Have a great week y’all!

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