Life Update: Post 2019 Vacation

I’m back in the North and ready to chat about it! This trip was amazing for me and taught me so much about myself but most of all it taught me how to truly relax. Before I overwhelm you with TONS of pictures and posts from the tropics I thought I would give you an update and explain a bit where I’ve been.

I’ve been on many cruises before, I’m actually not far from being a Platinum on Carnival if you’re up on the VIFP levels. This was my first time leaving out of Port Canaveral (Orlando) and I absolutely loved the ease of it. It’s a smaller port and completely lovely. In fact, that was the fastest I’ve ever gotten on the ship! I boarded the Carnival Sunshine to embark on a 13 day Journey cruise all around the Caribbean.

Good Morning Port Canaveral! Ready to start my adventure!

Some of the ports I have been to before, where as two were new for me. I can’t wait to delve into these deeper with y’all, but know this… My love for Aruba grew three sizes. St. Thomas was my first port, followed by Aruba. Curacao, St. Martin, St. Kitts, San Juan and then ending with Amber Cove. There were sea days mixed in between some of the ports but they were 13 fun filled days complete with plenty of sunshine and warm temperature.

First Day! This is the pool on the Serenity Deck! (21+)

My days were filled with naps, eating lots of pizza, lounging on the Serenity deck (21+ Only), almost winning Harry Potter trivia and most importantly relaxing. Truth be told this was my first relaxing vacation in two years. A lot has happened in those two years. I didn’t even realize how crazed I had become, but my Mom said it best. This trip was about “Healing my Mind”. Those words couldn’t have been more true!

Dive In Movies at Night!

Yes, I relaxed. But on top of that, I also started learning things about myself. That’s what happens when you get 13 days to do anything in the world you want on a floating city in the middle of paradise. Everyone has so many important pieces that uniquely makes up themselves. Between hobbies, strengths, passions and interests each of us are different and I struggle with balancing them to keep all of me in tact. Some things were simple and a bit silly but here’s a couple I thought I would share with you. The first being Sudoku… no, I’m not even kidding.

Every morning the coffee shop on the ship would put out a daily puzzle. I randomly picked one up day 2 and it quickly became a ritual, I would do a sudoku puzzle with my morning coffee. I honestly don’t think that I did these since college. I remember having books of them in my apartment back then. I hadn’t touched it since and completely forgot how much I enjoy doing them every day. More importantly, I forgot how quick my mind is and when it comes to numbers I need all the help I can get. Even if it is just counting to 9.

Another silly one? I hung out with Shaq! At least that’s what I would call it when I went up late at night to shoot hoops in my sundress barefoot. After the most amazing meal of my life in Aruba I went to the gym. Yes, there was that much pasta involved. Well, after my work out I was headed to the track when I came across the empty sky court. Shaq is a spokesperson for Carnival and is well represented in the court. I found myself in there shooting hoops, running, jumping, laughing… just me and Shaq. Plus I’m pretty sure the security loved watching me on the cameras every night! Not only did I remember that I loved Basketball but I also remembered that I am an Athlete. That is something that I really struggle with, because I’m not constantly active. I am so girly and feminine but I also stride when I’m moving.

Those are my somewhat silly ones for you! But here is another more serious one… When I got off the ship and finally arrived at my friend’s house a week ago I was genuinely shocked when I looked at myself in the mirror. I honestly didn’t recognize myself. Yes, I looked at myself multiple times a day on the ship when getting ready, in the bathroom, etc. But this was different, I was back in the real world in normal lighting. I had lost 10 pounds, I was tanner than I had been since High School, the sun had made my hair blonder naturally, and most importantly I was relaxed. Gone were the bags under my eyes, the stress lines in my face and the crazed expression that was the result of my to do list. I got off a completely new Katie, and I am loving re-meeting her. Learning even more how to incorporate and balance everything that helps make me, me.
Hopefully I haven’t lost you yet. It was a bit hard to explain but I wanted to share how I’m feeling and what I’m struggling with. I also hope that it helps you re-evaluate things that you love and help make up your person that you have neglected or forgot. My hope is that you will re-meet parts of yourself as well.
Have a blessed weekend y’all!


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