Cruise Edition: Pizzeria del Capitano

Happy Friday lovelies! Today I wanted to spill some details all about my favorite food group, pizza. Yes, you read that correctly in my world pizza is a main food group and is a very serious subject. As someone who has spent time in Italy it’s actually raised my standards a lot on this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle loving food and made it pretty hard to meet my standards. Carnival has done a wonderful job in the pizza department and it has become one of my most favorite spots on the ships.

Notice the Hand Sanitizer, Carnival has those ALL over the ship!! Brilliant!

This little made to order, open 24/7 gem of a corner actually has only five pizzas on the menu.. The wonderful thing though is that they are more than happy to go off the menu, customize them to your liking and have them hot and ready for you in 5 minutes. I can’t tell you how many times I have stood in the very short line for my 5 minute pizza when I overheard people walk away because there wasn’t a cold stale pizza sitting on the counter for them. Personally, I’m more than willing to wait the 5 minutes. I actually got in the habit of ordering, going around the corner to wash my hands in the hand washing station (yes, they have those too!) and then grabbing a drink on my way back to the line.Β  The pizza is no extra charge and is included with your trip.

I have the hardest time finding food that I like on the lido deck on land days. I often just feel lost and regret not going directly for the pizza. So, I learned my lesson and went straight for the pizza. I even managed to take a video of him making it for y’all! (it might appear upside down, but once you push play it’s correct!) My favorite is the Quattro Formaggi or 4 cheese. You’ll notice there is no red sauce, it actually comes with a garlic sauce on it. In Italy very rarely did pizza have a red sauce so it was quite familiar to me!

Last day of the cruise! You can see how relaxed I am!

A full pizza, it has four slices. I can never finish mine, but I also don’t eat all of my crust. So good!!!

Have a blessed weekend y’all! I’m going to finally see Aquaman tomorrow, which means I’m having popcorn for brunch! πŸ˜‰

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