L’Express Bakery in St. Martin

It’s almost the weekend so it’s a perfect time to talk about pastries. Not just any pastries, I’m talking about French pastries from L’Express by Bacchus. As soon as we passed this bakery I knew I was going to be doing a power walk to get myself a good authentic French croissant once the tour bus stopped.

I was about half way through my tour of St. Martin (more on that later) when we entered Marigot and being that it was a Sunday not much was open. There were a few restaurants but boy was this bakery on the corner hopping. I power walked myself breaking a few pedestrian laws in the process and found myself standing inside in wonder. There wasn’t much left in the bakery but everything that was there looked absolutely fabulous and like little works of art. I even loved the prices, nothing was gauged for tourists. It was all completely reasonable and worth so much more.

I was almost completely over food given that I was quite far along in my cruise and being really picky about what I ate… so I only ordered a couple things to try. Actually, they were my favorite and I knew this was as close to France as I was going to get anytime soon… especially since I was technically in France. (For those that don’t know St. Martin is actually split, there is a Dutch side and a French side. Two completely different countries on the same small island.) I chose to try a chocolate croissant and a Madeline. Both of which are my absolute favorites and I eat quite often. That Madeline, it was so different than I was used to. Less buttery and more cakey than you will find in the states. The croissant.. well, never had I had something so wonderful. I honestly think that I ruined the Starbucks ones for myself forever. Well, the pictures below say it all about the croissant, it was outta sight and still has me dreaming.

Notice the look on my face after just one bite?!? This girl was ready to go back in there and buy the rest of what this bakery had… I just wasn’t sure if I could bring it back on the ship.

I gotta admit, this was totally my Caribbean version of Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Complete with a croissant… now I just need to head to Tiffany’s.

Have a wonderful weekend y’all!

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