Bright & Sunny in San Juan

My last fashion post from my latest trip to the Caribbean and it’s a bit bitter sweet. This perfect tropical outfit from Rosegal is on the blog this week as well as me looking for those April showers. #SorryMarch. Words can not explain how much I miss that wardrobe and I am counting the days until I can wear my flip flops again.

This post contains items gifted by Rosegal, handpicked by myself.

Use code RGBF1 for 25% off!!

Taking you back to the streets of San Juan, Puerto Rico this week. I knew exactly what I wanted to wear at this port and where I wanted to do the shoot. None of my others were that planned out, but this one was. I had seen pictures of the umbrella street before but it’s nothing like being there in person. But more on that later, let’s chat about this Caribbean worthy outfit from Rosegal.

I shared all about this denim skirt this Fall. You better believe that is one piece that I am transitioning throughout the seasons! It’s perfect for running around in; while the denim keeps it casual it still has a dressier more put together vibe. The buttons are a nice touch that go completely up the skirt so there is no zipper, it is great quality and super comfortable!

This top y’all! I don’t know what I’m in love with more, the black and white palm leaves or the giant bright flowers!??! It’s a stand out in its own right with the asymmetrical hem, complete black back and the playful clasp on the side. The shirt is pretty lightweight making it perfect for warmer weather. With just an iced americano from Starbucks I am one happy girl.

I kept my accessories pretty light since I was island hopping. I don’t like to wear a lot ashore and tend for more minimal looks. These earrings (similar) I shared last September were less than $5 from Forever 21! They seriously have the cutest earring selection at such an affordable price. I definitely recommend stopping in just to build up your jewelry for the season. I’m also wearing my Tory Burch Miller sandals which are without a doubt the most comfortable pair of shoes I own. Thats really important when you know you’re going to be walking a ton, go for comfort!

San Juan was absolutely lovely again, it was my second visit to the beautiful island and I can’t wait to go back. I will be sharing more about my time there in a later post but I will explain the umbrellas… The Governor of Puerto Rico and his wife the First Lady commissioned this art project to bring joy, fun and pay tribute to the uniqueness of Puerto Rico. The umbrellas line the street down to the Governor’s Mansion which is the blue house at the end. It’s mainly pedestrians besides the vehicles coming and going from the mansion so it’s a perfect photo opportunity!

The week after Daylight Savings Time is the worst for me so I will be upping my coffee dosage, getting less sleep and continuing on with the 80 day Obsession! If you’re following my Insta-Stories I mentioned this weekend what I’ve been up to and today is day 19!! I already see results and I can’t believe how strong I am becoming! I’ll keep y’all posted on how it goes! 😉 Have a lovely week y’all!

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