My 3 Favorite Drinks on the Ship

The 60 degree heat wave we had here in Michigan yesterday has me feeling tropical vibes again. Not that it really ever went away, but you better believe this girl was sporting some sandals and dreaming about that Peach Sangria from the Serenity Deck on Carnival Cruises. Which is why I am sharing a countdown of my 3 favorite drinks from the ship!

This post contains items gifted by Twisted Eyewear, handpicked by myself.

This post is also intended for Adults 21+.

3. Kiss on the Lips

This was actually my very first day on the ship and let me tell you this drink was well deserved! We hadn’t even sailed yet! I started out my trip with a Kiss on the Lips. Its frozen blended with peach schnapps, mango puree and grenadine. Topped with a cherry and a lemon of course! The peach and mango flavors were definitely powerful making this sweet drink one of my favorites. I didn’t have dessert that day at lunch so it was totally worth it… Pizza and frozen mixed drinks is my kinda lunch. 😉

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2. Miami Vice

A Miami Vice is a personal favorite that I’ve enjoyed since my very first cruise back when I was in High School! I ordered it virgin back then of course. This special drink is literally a Strawberry Daiquiri and Pina Colada poured at the very same time to give it that half and half look. Completed with an umbrella, pineapple and cherry of course. This is definitely a popular one among cruisers and you will see it quite often around the ship.

1. White Peach Sangria

I am so disappointed in myself that I did not try this day one. Then again, maybe it was a good thing that I waited until one of the last days to try it. This particular Sangria is ONLY available in the Serenity area bar as it’s on the exclusive menu. Luckily as I found the perfect pool lounge a bartender was passing by and I was able to order this in a snap. It’s a fresh combination of peach puree and Beso Del Sol White Wine over ice that has a fresh taste to it and topped with a cherry. You can purchase it by the glass or even by the pitcher! This is by far my number one drink on the ships!!! I’m still dreaming about it, and may need to experiment with Sangria recipes this summer… Fun Fact: I had my first Sangria in Venice, Italy and LOVED it then too!


Do you have a favorite drink from a cruise? I’d love to hear it! Also if anyone has any peach sangria recipes… please send them my way!?! Have a great weekend y’all!

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