Traveling Vegetarian: Gianni’s

Let’s talk Italian food. Better yet, let’s talk about Gianni’s in Aruba. I literally cannot mention it without a relaxed grin coming across my face. It was pure coincidence matched with luck that I learned about this life changing pasta and the amazing people that make it.

I am not responsible for sudden booking of flights, pasta cravings or the sudden boom in Aruba’s tourism. Although if you do plan on going, can I tag along?

Aruba was my second port of call. The night before we arrived my Mom started chatting with someone in the elevators and the lady told her all about Gianni’s including photos and videos. My Mom, knowing me oh so well came to the cabin excited and explained what we were going to do the next day. Originally my family and I had just planned a beach day with a walk downtown. This additional adventure made my experience in Aruba even better.

I ended my day in Aruba by taking a cab to Gianni’s in the late afternoon. I actually didn’t eat much that day so I joked that we were starving to save up for pasta. Boy, was I right but it was worth it!

Surrounded by mega resorts and an amazing beach sits this little gem that is ready to seat a lot of people. I happened to get there at an off time for the Aruba time zone which made getting in easy and quick. There is the interior restaurant as well as outdoor patio that reminds me of the streets of Italy.

I’ve talked with many people who have stayed in Aruba and when I mention Gianni’s they all smile. The restaurant is like a little known secret to those that truly know and love Aruba. It is definitely at the top of my recommendation list for Aruba when you go. I would honestly hop a plane now just to go eat there if I could afford it. You will spend quite a bit, but it’s totally worth it!

Check out all of the parmesan cheese wheels! That’s what we came here for, the Spaghetti Al Formaggio Parmigiano. It’s literally pasta made inside a parmesan cheese wheel. You know those videos you see on social media? Well this one was better and made with flaming whiskey. According to our server, Stiven Alzate they go through 1 wheel every two weeks. This is the pasta dish that Gianni’s is most known for and I was so excited I couldn’t contain it.

Looking through the menu now, I literally want to order like 5 dishes… I may need a large fridge in my next cabin for leftovers! After you order you’re given garlic bread. I remember having a bite of it, it was awesome. Unfortunately after that one bite Stiven rolled the cheese wheel in and I lost all interest in bread. #ShowMeThePasta

Lucky for you, I took a video of this amazing experience. Turn the sound up as I do ask questions, it’s a bit long but boy can I smell it through the screen. I’ve even tried recreating this at home, it was no where near as good but still delicious. There are carnivore options, but I stuck with the vegetarian cheesy whiskey yumminess. (It appears sideways until you click play!)

It doesn’t look like a lot from here, but it was so delicious I ate as much as I could before I felt like I was going to burst. I asked for a doggy bag and said absolutely no to dessert. I was in a pasta-coma. You should have seen my face when my family ordered not one, but two desserts!

Fun Fact: I’m a sucker for a good cannoli. After one bite I suddenly lost all interest in the fact that I was full and enjoyed every last morsel of that crunchy ricotta filled pastry.

The look of pure bliss. Nothing comes between this girl and her cannoli.

My Dad had ordered the chocolate salami. It’s a bunch of different yummy things rolled up with chocolate and cut like salami. I don’t remember everything that was in it, but I was only able to snag one bite and it was outstanding!

Even my girl Audrey is hanging out at Gianni’s! πŸ˜‰

Foreign bathrooms, you never know what you’re going to get… These are spotless which is another plus in my book!

I guarded my leftovers like something fierce. I honestly didn’t even know if I was allowed to bring them back on the ship. Turns out, I was. But I had a backup plan of eating on the pier if they didn’t allow them on. Instead I took my life changing miracle pasta to the lido deck where I got in a comfy spot overlooking the island and ate the remaining pasta. It had been a couple hours and I was finally hungry again. By the way, the pasta is amazing cold as well! Cold leftovers is usually a key to amazing Italian, it SHOULDN’T have oil settled, separate or look anything different than the original dish. It SHOULD look just like when you ate it, have extra flavor from sitting a bit and taste amazing as a second dish all on it’s own. Kind of like cold lasagna.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this fashion break Tuesday for this special pasta takeover. I absolutely fell in love with Gianni’s and can’t wait to return next year. Have a blessed week y’all!

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