Favorite Oils for Spring

Spring is here and this girl is ready for Easter! Although it’s still a month away I am full speed into the spirit of Easter this year. Be prepared. With Spring comes a special change in the air, I’ve been Spring Cleaning like crazy and switched out my oils for more fresh, floral and happy scents in my diffuser.

Lemon: The first oil on my list as it’s got many uses and has been in all three of my diffusers lately. Yes, I have 3 around my studio. It’s a clean scent and goes great in cleaning supplies. It is also a disinfectant, uplifting and energizing scent. Do not diffuse at night, you will not sleep. I also love to add a few drops in my water for an extra punch!

Lavender: This one is always on my must have list. Lavender is HEALING, it will literally seal a cut in less than 5 minutes not to mention it helps with sunburn. In this case I love having it because of the floral scent. The floral is a perfect balance to bring new life in the air as the season changes.

Lime: Very similar to the benefits of lemon. It’s also an immune booster and perfect for helping prevent a cold or the flu. I like to add this one to my water as well for a refreshing taste. I also use it in my favorite Mermaid Blend which I will share later.

Bergamot: This one is a special favorite of mine. I started putting it on over a year ago to help get over the depression of Winter. It’s similar to the smell of Earl Grey tea and is very uplifting. However, don’t wear this one in the sun as they don’t get along to well.

What is your favorite oil for Spring? If you want to learn more about oils feel free to ask! I’ve been using them all of my life and am happy to help! Wanting to sign up? Make sure to check out my page at the top right about living with oils where you will find my Sponsor and Enrollee information.

Have a blessed weekend y’all!

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