Tucker’s Easter Basket

Easter is coming and I am beyond prepared! Not even joking, I’ve already got Mother’s Day on the brain. With my favorite holiday coming up I thought it would be fun to share my fundamentals for building Tucker’s Easter Basket. Standard go-to’s when coming up with gifts for my little guy. Whether you are a new dog mom or veteran sometimes you need some fresh ideas for spoiling your fur baby.

  1. A New Toy // Tucker is obsessed with little bite size toys that usually come in a holder like the carrot I got him. Some of his favorites have been marshmallows, pearls, olives etc. I thought this carrot full of bunnies would be perfect and sure enough he absolutely loves them! I tend to clean his toys out seasonally and get rid of the ones that he hasn’t played with for months. Which is perfect because it gives me a good excuse to treat him to a new one.

2. Treats // Personally I love to support local businesses, I also love to give Tucker as natural and chemical free food as I can. Heck, I even make his own food so I know what is in it. So of course I would go and get him fresh treats every so often from the local dog bakery in town. The Brown Basset is currently creating a food truck version of their bakery and will be all over the Chelsea/Ann Arbor area this Summer! Of course you can always call and place an order! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I also like to stuff the plastic eggs with treats for another fun element. I know that Tucker will not eat the plastic, but make sure to monitor your fur baby around the plastic and grass just in case.

3. New Shirts // Having just gone through a major Spring cleaning haul in my house I thought it was also time to update Tuck’s wardrobe a bit. He is in clothes all year round and when I found these performance light weight shirts at 5 Below I knew I had to snag them for him. Their fun and totally him!

There you have it! I always have a blast finding ways to include him in holidays. I’d love to know what is in your fur baby’s basket??! Have a blessed weekend y’all and start preparing your baskets!

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