Purple & Cabana Leaf

In my head my days are filled with lattes, macarons, sunny days and shopping with an endless bank account. A girl can dream! Almost all of which I get to do on the weekends, at least when the weather cooperates but I’m still working on that endless bank account. πŸ˜‰ Not only am I sharing this Purple Spring look this week but my new purse as well!!

This post contains items gifted by Lifestyle Clothiers, all words and opinions are my own.

Introducing my latest purse, my Easter Present, the Cabana Leaf tote! As soon as this line launched from Spartina 449 I was stalking the website and it took me a couple days to figure out which piece to choose from. I can’t tell you how excited I was when I was showing the catalog to my Mom. There were so many pieces that I absolutely loved! She surprised me by telling me to order one for my Easter present this year and I couldn’t be happier with my decision. It’s made from a waterproof material and is of course beach ready at any moment. I just love the leaf print and the soft pink that is inside and out. There aren’t many pockets inside, but that’s why I snagged this from Amazon. Spartina also just launched this line and I’ve got my eye on some of those pieces as well.

I will admit I don’t have that much purple in my wardrobe. Not sure why, but I totally welcome the color! I hung it up between the pinks and blues in my color coordinated closet. (Art Geek) So when I pulled this out of the box that Lifestyle Clothiers sent me I was so excited for a new color! Especially since it’s the color of the season! With Easter passed us now I’ve broken out my white jeans and stepped up this look with a fresh, clean look. An iced latte from Le Bon Macaron in hand of course! This top is available through Dia & Co so just describe it to your stylist to receive it in your latest box. I love the criss cross neckline and the 3/4 sleeves makes it perfect to wear right now before it gets too hot this Summer.

With the busy neckline I kept my jewelry pretty basic with classic hoop earrings, my Tory Burch Millers and my everyday pieces: Pandora Reflexions Bracelet with my Effy Tanzanite Ring. My white jeans are KUT of course and I’ve been wearing them quite often for my Water Polo Reffing during the week.

I am in a busy season in my life with no slowing down in sight. Luckily I have made time for myself such as a massage last weekend. It was perfect for gearing me up for being on my A-game once again! Have a blessed week y’all!

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