St. Thomas 2019

St. Thomas is always one of my favorite islands. I have been there a couple times and have done quite a few excursions. On this last trip I decided to do only a couple things, keep it laid back and all within walking distance of the port.

Within a couple blocks of the cruise port, as soon as you exit the tourist shops you enter a little more into civilization… emphasis on little. It was then that I noticed something I hadn’t seen on my previous trips, a sky ride up the hills! Naturally I found my way across the street ready to embark on my new adventure filled with height!

Paradise Point on the Left and a Pirate Store on the Right.

In line to go up up and away!

The entry fee for Paradise Point is around $20 and get’s you a wristband and a lift to the top. At the top you will not only find amazing views, but exclusive shoppings, bar and restaurant! The lifts are not air conditioned, but it wasn’t terrible as you are only in there for a few minutes. If you’ve been in a ski lift before it’s quite a similar process.

Once at the top you are greeted with GORGEOUS views of St. Thomas and the bay in which the cruise port is located. It is quite a sight as well as experience.

My island outfit was definitely picked out for adventure. My coral top I snagged last summer from Main Street Dresser who is celebrating their birthday this week!!! (Congratulations Andrea!!!) Check out her site as she is ALWAYS adding new items 2x a week AND you can use code KATIE15 for 15% off!

I paired the top with my lightweight patterned pants that I shared last summer from Lane Bryant.(Similar) ย It was something fun to pair together filled with lots of color. My shades are courtesy of Twisted Eyewear, they have some wonderful pieces and for them use code LIPSTICKLATTESANDPEARLS for 40% off!!! Lastly, there is my bag. I LOVE Baggallini when I’m traveling and they LAST! This one is around 10 years old and is still in wonderful condition. You can really tell with the phone pouch that’s on the top. I honestly don’t think there is a phone that would fit in there anymore, but here is one similar that I’ve had my eye on.

Carnival Sunshine is the one in the Middle! – That’s was my home at sea for 2 weeks!

After I came back down to sea level I stopped by the Pirate store that was next to the lift. My family is a little obsessed with Pirates so we always have fun acting like kids and picking up some souvenirs. I also ran into a friend there! ๐Ÿ˜‰

My last stop on the island was a coffee shop of course! It was perfect for about 30 minutes to connect to some wifi, enjoy an ice cold Coke Zero and check in with home before I got back on the ship. For some reason in the heat I am always craving a coke. Not sure why, but it happened when I studied in Italy as well, I just craved it. I don’t eat off the ship often on the islands so I enjoyed a late lunch in my favorite spot overlooking the sea before we left port. The back of the lido deck is filled with windows and became a land day favorite of mine.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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