Batik & White

With Easter behind us, I have been mixing white into my wardrobe like crazy. And not just because I’ve been reffing (Water Polo) this season. πŸ˜‰ I picked up this top this past Winter in St. Kitts and couldn’t wait to break it out for the season.

I’ll be delving into my time on St. Kitts later this month, especially my trip to Caribelle Batik’s where I snagged this gorgeous handmade top. Nestled into the Island on a historic manor is a shop filled with lots of handmade goodies ranging from fabric, tops, skirts, dresses… etc. I picked up a couple of things, however I wish I picked up a few more tops. Don’t worry, I’ve been stalking their website waiting for the shop to open. Although you could call and ask to have things shipped.

This navy, black and white top is completely hand dyed and sewn with a gorgeous lace detailing throughout. I knew I would LIVE in this top this Summer and couldn’t wait to pair it with my white skinny jeans. The white helps make the colors pop and I look for any excuse to showcase this piece. Here are some items for sale from the shop on Poshmark!

I stayed on point with the tropic theme in the accessories. I grabbed my white monogram clutch as well as my new favorite Kate Spade turtle ring that I snagged from their 75% off sale a few weeks ago. With the temps being above 50 y’all know I’ve been living in my flip flops, and these are my fun Havaianas with rhinestones for even more bling!

My busy season is winding down, my allergy attack is mellowing and I am beyond proud of what I have accomplished this Spring. I’m ready to slow my pace a bit and get back into a rhythm this weekend. Have a blessed week everyone and remember that you can accomplish anything you set your heart on.

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