3 Ways to Wear A Scarf

I’ve got a fun one for you this weekend. I don’t know about you but I have boxes of scarves in all different sizes. Sometimes they seem a bit daunting and a lot of people have problems styling them. Which is why I thought I would share my favorites ways to wear them with you. During the cooler seasons the big scarves are easy peasy around your neck. The ones I’m sharing are the more lightweight, silk square and long, narrow scarves.

  1. Add More Color to a Purse // Whether you have a solid color purse of more fun prints and colors you can always add a scarf to spruce it up a bit. I chose more of a narrow and long scarf for this but given the right tying and playing with the scarf a square one would work as well. I’ve had this blue polka dot one for years and it adds a perfect touch of blue to my lemon purse that I have shared a lot. Don’t be afraid to mix prints y’all!

2. Tie it around a High Pony // Channeling all of my 50’s vibes with this one. All I need is a jukebox. This is actually my favorite version of wearing scarves. My hair has been up in a high pony lately so I dressed it up a bit with my floral long and relatively wide scarf that I believe my Mamaw gave me. I simply tied a bow on top of my head and boy did I get the compliments. Such a fun Spring look!

3. Go for the Drama // Not usually one for the dramatics but you better believe I own this look. I’ve always been a huge Audrey Hepburn fan, now all I need is a convertible! A girl can dream…. Dodge Viper in yellow please! πŸ˜‰ This scarf a family friend brought me back from Hawaii, it’s a square silk scarf and so easy to tie how I like it. Not to mention the pattern is really fun with shells Β and designs in all pink.

Well, which one is your favorite? It’s time to dust off your boxes of scarves and start playing with them in your Spring wardrobe.

I’ve got a busy weekend planned but I hope you have a blessed one!

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