What’s in my Oil First Aid Kit

Between being on the go, traveling, juggling 3 jobs and overall just being myself I always have this list of essential oils by my side. I call them my First Aid kit of oils as they help me through whatever comes my way that I didn’t see coming. These are also great starter oils if you’re wanting to try out a more natural path to medicine.

Once again I am not a doctor.

I recommend reaching out to your Primary Care Physician for any medical advice.

Peppermint // I mainly use peppermint for headaches. It’s an instant pain killer all you need to do is rub it on your temples. Be careful not to get to close to your eyes though! Within a couple minutes your headache should disappear. Another great use is to add it to hot water for some throat and sinus relief.

Lavender //Β This one is my little power healer! Anytime I get a cut I dab some lavender on it and within a couple of minutes my cut will be sealed. Not necessarily healed yet, but sealed and ready to go nonetheless. It’s also great for sunburn, I make sure to bring this on all of my cruises and apply to my burns to help them heal quicker. Recently? I’ve been using lavender on my mosquito bits. Earlier this week I went in the hot tub at night and ended up with 5 bites on my shoulder. Lavender has helped me with the itching and redness.

Thieves // I should probably warn you, anytime there is a list of oils that you need Thieves WILL be on it. Not only is it a stress relief, it’s an anti-bacterial, anti-viral, great for respiratory, lowering fevers and even aids in digestion. This is another that I add to hot water when I’m feeling down and defuse during that time as well. This is also the oil that Young Living uses in all of it’s cleaning products and soaps. It truly is the King of all essential oils.

DiGize // Fun Fact: I am actually very nauseous in the mornings. It used to be hours before I could stomach eating anything and that’s when I started turning towards DiGize. It tastes absolutely disgusting but works within 5 minutes! I simply dab a bit on my wrist, suck it and swish it around my mouth before swallowing. DiGize is my number one gift to anyone that suffers from an upset stomach.

Clove // Did you know that before modern medicine and dentists; Doctors used to use clove to handle tooth pain? I have had a bit of an issue with my teeth this past year with even the words Root Canal being mentioned. Anytime I have an issue I just take a dab of clove oil to help soothe the pain a bit.

Frankincense // This last one is not just for Jesus y’all! He’s shared it with the rest of us. Franky as I like to call it has a TON of properties making it worth the notoriety that the Bible has given it. It’s an anti-inflammatory, boosts your immunity, relives pain and even helps with anxiety and stress. Basically it’s one of the super heroes of oils. I also use this one on Tucker every week, he’s got skin tags on his body and Franky helps get rid of them if not make them a whole lot smaller.

Isn’t this case adorable? I snagged it for $6 at Target and it’s perfect for holding all the oils I need in my kit. Not to mention the fact that I have been obsessed with palm prints lately. The pockets make it perfect for holding the accessories like droppers and roller tops to help with the oils.

Want to learn more about oils? Make sure to check out my section on Living with Essential Oils. You can also message me anytime, I’m here to help!


Have a great weekend everyone!

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