Summer Date Look

I am a bit unexpected. I am the girl that will rock some high heels in a fancy dress with my hair done practicing high etiquette while sipping champagne but I am also the girl that will jump into a fountain fully clothed and play in the water. You never know which one you’re going to get at any moment. Which is why I kept it fun, playful and a little casual in my Summer Date look inspired by my retro top from Rosegal.

This post contains items gifted by Rosegal, handpicked by myself.

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I don’t know if it’s the heat or if there is just something in the Summer air but I am far more active, playful and unexpected during this season. I love random water fights, impromptu games of basketball, dancing under the stars or even getting caught in a rainstorm. I never know where I’ll end up which is why during those months I need a date outfit that helps cover all those. I absolutely LOVE this retro polka dot halter top. It’s so playful with its throwback feel and yet classic with its sweetheart neckline and giant white buttons. The top ties around the neck so it is completely adjustable and the fit has a bit of a peplum cut to it which helps accent the curves. I wanted to keep it all about the top and in the spirit of the Summer season so I paired it with my white KUT jeans for a lighter look.

Let’s talk accessories! I’ve noticed that seashells are trending right now, which is great as I’ve been wearing them for YEARS! Nice of them to catch up! 😉 I snagged these clam shell studs at Forever 21 a couple weeks ago. They are less than $5 and made for a perfect choice with a classic touch. Of course you’ll notice my shoes on the ground by the fountain… I’ve been living in the slides from Main Street Dresser that was on last weeks blog. I went with flats because of my unexpected nature, it’s really hard to kick off your shoes and jump in a fountain or play an unexpected game of basketball when you’re in heels. My clutch is one of my favs from Arden & Gold and totally customizable.

Head on over to my Instagram page this week where I am doing a Summer Earring Giveaway! I am giving away 4 pairs of earrings including the white wavy ones that were in last weeks post!

I am hitting the road on Wednesday to go see family in Virginia. You can follow along my trip in my insta-stories this week. Hope y’all have a wonderful week!

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