Traveling Vegetarian: Thrive Juicery

For months I have wanted to try this place, it’s right next to my Trader Joes and I had always wanted to go in. Something always told me to wait for my Mom… so I did. My Mom apparently had the same feelings as I did. Well, last Saturday we were both finally together heading to TJ and it happened, we finally tried Thrive and boy we can’t wait to come back!

We both got so excited walking in, not only is the architecture amazing when it comes to the wood work and minimalist design but it’s geared towards fresh juice, smoothies and yummy vegetarian goods that are drool worthy.

My favorite part of the design of the place? This hand washing station that is literally as soon as you walk through the door. Completed with foot control petals, hand soap and towels to off dry of course. I had never seen anything like it, but I absolutely love the concept and sleekness of the beneficial design.

Thrive fresh presses juices every single day. They have the set menu next to the cooler where you can purchase jars to bring home. Also in the cooler are salads and overnight oats in jars providing healthy and affordable options for on the go.

I was between a couple smoothies but I ended up going with the Health Nut (on the left) which has cacao powder, rolled oats, maca powder, maple syrup, Saigon cinnamon, banana, date, hemp heart, chia seed and unsweetened almond milk. Let me tell y’all, it was amazing! And I don’t even like bananas but the cinnamon was such a nice distraction in it. My natural protein smoothie was exactly what my body was craving.

My Mom went for the need for Vitamin C as she is fighting off a cold and went with the Orange Carrot smoothie. (on the Right) It’s filled with orange, lemon, banana, carrot, ginger and hemp heart. I had a sip of hers and it was just as good. And I don’t even like carrots! But it was filled with lots of goodness to help her get over the little bug she had been fighting.



We had spent the day with a bit of pampering, laying in the sun, getting pedicures and were about to stock up on some goodies from our favorite grocery store. Naturally we were needing some kind of snack to get us through the day. Which is why we also decided to split the Avocado toast to help tide us over. Oh my goodness, the bread y’all. I don’t know what kind of multigrain bread this was but it was worth every penny. We truly devoured it. It was a simple avocado toast with avocado, tomato, basil, balsamic, sea salt, and pepper.


It was so hard for us to decide that we can’t wait to go grocery shopping again at Trader Joe’s just so that we have an excuse to go back! My next smoothie will probably be the Berry Basil and I can’t wait to try the Pear Toast. If you’re hanging out in Ann Arbor I definitely recommend stopping by!


Have a blessed weekend y’all! I am in Virginia spending time with my family, so watch out on Insta-Stories to see more of my trip. Also, I’m having a giveaway on my instagram page, make sure you go enter!

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