3 Affordable Looks from Meijer

I’ve noticed lately that grocery stores that also carry clothing have really been stepping up their game lately in the fashion department. I personally don’t have a Walmart but I’ve been shocked to see some of their newer pieces online and how great they look. That inspired me to go to a store I do have and check out theirs. Meijer’s is my local chain and is primarily located in the Northern states, but let me tell you they have upped their fashion and I couldn’t wait to share with you three affordable looks all from my local grocery store.

Check out the videos as I take you behind the items, more about my mission and the great new pieces that I found at Meijer, my local grocery store.

Look #1: $128 ($98 without Kimono)

I love this look for a more casual environment. Whether you’re running errands or even on a road trip it’s a simple way to dress up a pair of jeans. Kimono’s are definitely in style right now so it’s easy to just layer it on top of a basic tank and add some fun pieces like long necklaces and cross body bags.

Look #2: $84

This dress is perfect for Summer! I feel like I’m ready to hit all of the festivals that the season brings or even a picnic down by the lake. Dresses are always such fun and easy pieces that I love to pick up wherever I go.

Look #3: $97

I like to refer to this one as my more business casual look. I’m all about playing with patterns and colors all while wearing pearls. These fun striped pants are actually grey and are a lightweight knit that’s perfect for the warmer temps.

With the stores upping their fashion game have you had any luck at your local chain? It might be worth it to swing by while you’re picking up your groceries for some new fun key pieces to your Summer wardrobe.

Have a great week y’all!

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