First Impressions from Soma

Apparently I underestimated my Spring cleaning abilities this past season… because it turned out that I had no pajamas left! I had gone through and threw away all of my old pajamas and donated ones that I never wore which left me with one major hole in my wardrobe staples. When it came down to going shopping I knew I wanted to try Soma’s collection and I fell in love with my very first try on.

This post is not sponsored. All items were purchased on my own and I absolutely love them which is why I wanted to share them with you.

I would love to work with Soma as I personally believe in their brand.

I had seen Soma’s brand appear online quite a few times over the last year and thought that I would give the brand a shot. Oh my goodness the softness y’all! I ordered the navy tank/pants to begin with and it led me straight to the store to buy more. I liked that they have separates so that you can mix and match depending on what kind of style you prefer for tops as well as bottoms. Personally, I sweat at night so I immediately was drawn to the Cool Nights Collection.

I’m a bit of a traditionalist and knew I wanted the colors to match, I also loved the idea of a tank and pants for Summer. The set is light weight, soft and has lasted over numerous washes the last two months. Since I knew I had a trip planned this Summer this one seemed perfect for a bit more modesty with visitors and possibly seeing strangers from where we stayed. Most of all I felt comfortable and relaxed which is the most important feeling.

Nightgowns are my normal go-to and when I saw that they like to do a 2 for $60 with these little numbers. Naturally, I bought two of them the polka dots as well as a plain navy one. These I will wear almost every night which is great for enjoying my daily morning protein shake. The nightgown is made of the same material as the rest of the Cool Nights Collection and have an adorable pocket on the left chest that is a bit hard to see as it blends in quite well. These come in so many different colors and sizes that I can totally see me buying them every season.

Y’all know this girl is LIVING for palm print this season. The sweet ladies in the shop noticed what I was wearing as well as my purse and ran in the back to get this one for me. It was brand new not even out yet and they let me snatch it up big time. It has a soft pink edge to the top and is perfect for the Summer and mimosas at home. I bought the same size in all of the pieces so it runs true to size. I was also worried about it being skin tight and was happily surprised to find how forgiving and comfortable the entire collection was.

Honestly y’all I am in love with all of these! It’s official I’m a Soma believer. Since I bought these on my own I do not have a code for you, but I definitely encourage you to try a pair that will work best for you and give it a try.


Its a busy whirlwind of a week for me, hopefully I will have some exciting news to share with y’all this weekend! Have a great week!

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