Nautical Maxi & Sunshine

I am living for those moments in the sun. Especially if it comes with an iced latte in hand. I actually work my day job inside with no windows and no ounce of sunshine. So let me tell you, naps outside on my patio have become an afterwork tradition as are stopping by my new favorite coffee shop on the way home. I’m going to miss these days of throwing on a sundress and running out the door to spend time in the sunshine, so I’m milking it as long as I can.

This post contains items gifted by Rosegal, handpicked by myself.

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This off the shoulder maxi is my latest Amazon find and a super fun option to help with your sundress wardrobe. There are two slits on the sides, so it doesn’t feel as heavy and I just adore the off the shoulder detail. The best part? This dress has pockets! Y’all know I’m a sucker for dresses with pockets! The material is light and it’s perfect for a day out or even to throw on after a day in the sun.

Y’all know I had to accessorize, but I wanted to keep it a bit light. I have been in love with these anchor/wheel earrings (similar) from Rosegal. Once I received them in the mail they have been on repeat with all of my coastal attire. My headband is a bit old from Amazon and came in a big pack. What I love most about it is that it has a wire in it, so I can adjust it around my head however I like. Perfect when you have a hard time keeping fabric headbands in your hair. My shoes are my favorite slides from Kate Spade in navy to keep with the nautical theme I had going on.

Let’s talk coffee! I have honestly been to the new place in my town, Agricole way too much this month. Afterwork lattes have become a really bad habit and I’m in love with the fact that they carry all local products from farmers, bakeries and other fun goodies. It’s kind of like going to a market with a coffee shop inside. One that carries my very favorite coffee from Roos Roast in Ann Arbor.

Cheers to the week y’all! Let’s make it out of this world! 😉

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