Everyday with a Maxi

This mermaid is going to be trading in her starfish for some stars from the sky pretty soon. Giving y’all a bit of a warning, I have been obsessing over stars, moons and such for the Fall season since June! I know, crazy, but it’s the hazard of being a season ahead in my jobs. For now I am embracing my fun colors, mermaid vibes and coastal accessories as long as I can. Like this casual everyday look I styled with a maxi skirt.

Casual wear is actually not my forte. I really work and challenge myself with it. This outfit has been on repeat a bit this Summer as it’s a happy mix and something I can totally wear to work at my casual job. You wouldn’t know it, but I sincerely struggle with skirts, it’s the one clothing item that I use to challenge myself which is why I like to throw it in at least each season. I believe in taking on challenges, pushing myself and seeing the beauty and confidence that flourishes with it. Just wait until you see my Fall skirt! πŸ˜‰ This teal maxi skirt is actually a few years old so I’ve linked a couple of recent options for you. Option 1 / Option 2 / Option 3 (My Favorite for Fall!)

I posted the teal version of this tank from Meijer here. Of course I bought it in every color! If you have a Meijer near you in the North definitely go and check it out otherwise I’ve linked a similar version for you here. I love buying tanks and shirts in every color and wearing them all year round by layering and styling through the seasons. This shirt is definitely one of those gems.


My necklace I picked up from a favorite local artist in San Juan, Puerto Rico. When I’m on the islands I tend to go for the local artists making the items right there and support them. I’ve been to the island twice now and both times I bought from him. I get so many compliments on it, but I have yet to find something similar. My shoes are my favorite Tory Burch Patent Miller’s of course! They have been my go-to for a couple of years now.

I have been LIVING in this tote all year, I’m actually a bit sad to put it away until January. That’s right, I’m totally bringing it on my tropical vacation again! The tote sold out early on this past Winter but here is another fun option for you. I have also been stalking Spartina 449 on instagram for sneak peaks on what is coming after market as that’s how I discovered this tote in the first place! I accidentally found it online last year posted by someone who was at market and stalked the website until it was released. Then, Tucker my Yorkie-Poo was sweet enough to buy it for my Birthday. He’s a great gift giver! πŸ˜‰

Fall posts start next week! This Summer has been a rollercoaster for sure and I am so excited for what this next season of my life is going to offer! Cheers to a fantastic week y’all! Enjoy the sunshine!

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