Traveling Pescatarian: Smithfield Station

You know you love a place when you visit there more than once during a vacation. Actually I used to come to the Smithfield Station when I was a little girl during my times in Virginia. Going back again this Summer felt like home and I fell just in love with it like I did back then.

Smithfield Station is right on the water. The place has doubled in size during my lifetime adding even more rooms to the hotel side of things as well as rows of shops and businesses. But nothing beats eating your meal out on the back deck with all the boats. Since I visited more than once during my trip I actually ate inside by the bar for dinner and outside on the deck for lunch. The photos are a combination from both visits and I’ve combined the amazing food that I had.

Of course we arrived hungry and this pretzel from the bar menu just looked like fun. It came with a beer cheese sauce and plenty of salty goodness. It was so big that I actually ended up snacking on this back at our cabin for a couple of days.

My Mom ordered the power salad with salmon and ended up splitting with my Mamaw. The salmon was outta sight! Literally the best all three of us has had. My Mamaw and Mom loved it so much that they even ordered it again on our second visit.

I was craving clams like crazy so I actually ordered the fried clam bucket from the bar menu. I normally am not a big fried food person, but that’s just what I was in the mood for. Especially since the clams were the freshest that I was going to get in a while. I just love getting seafood when near the water. The clams were delightful and the breading was crispy and not too greasy. Just the way I like things.

For lunch on the deck I ordered the shrimp tacos. They came with a bit of a tangy sauce and were topped with plenty of cheese. I couldn’t believe I ate all three in one sitting, but they were that good!

I ended up eating way more seafood than normal during that trip. But my visits to Smithfield Station were totally worth it! Taking a trip through the area? Make sure to grab a table out on the back deck and enjoy a quiet meal on the water.


Have a great Labor Day weekend everyone!

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