Pool Day in Amber Cove 2019

Let’s throw it back to the beginning of this year when I went on an amazing tropical vacation. The last port of call, Amber Cove was definitely one of my favorites, a laid back pool party in the heart of the Caribbean.

Holland America (owners of Carnival) own the port at Amber Cove. Once you step off of the ship you enter into this gated area complete with shopping, coffee, sights, zip lining, water slides and an epic pool that wraps around for massive amounts of lounge chairs complete with a poolside bar.

I chose to spend my day hanging by the pool and being waited on. I know, living my best life over here. I had the bar tenders not only bring me a Pina Colada but a round of nachos as well! They actually have a full menu, all you need to do is ask for it. Nachos were a hit over on our corner of the pool as there were at least 4 groups ordering them… which is kind of how I got the craving. Simple, but after over 10 days traveling it was a delight!

Walking the route of the pool in the water actually turns into a workout. There are several dips and highs due to the bridges and kid friendly areas. Even beds built into the pool itself! My favorite is the beach entry that was right in front of me. I spent quite a bit of time lounging there in the water. It was a perfect pool day for me and a great wrap of my trip.

Of course I couldn’t get back on the ship without stopping by the coffee shop! πŸ˜‰ An iced latte is always the best way to end my days.

Have a great weekend y’all!

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