Suede, Polka Dots & Leather

The air is changing, the leaves are falling, and I am embracing my favorite season in full force with a Pumpkin Spice Latte is hand when I can. I am loving the Fall dresses lately, and this green polka dot one from Shein is such a fun addition to my wardrobe. Most of all I love it when I can incorporate my leather jackets and boots into my daily looks.

I am definitely a leather coat girl through and through. I actually have many, and they get passed down in my family so you’ll see some vintage ones coming up later this season. They honestly go with anything but my favorite is pairing them with dresses!

This green polka dot dress is such a fun one. It has a boxy cut on it’s own and instantly takes shape once you tie the belt around your waist. The v-neck isn’t too revealing but gives off a fun wrap almost kimono style to it. I will definitely be wearing this with tights once the weather gets a bit cooler.

I had to pull out my tall boots for this one y’all! These wide calf boots are perfect for everything, dresses, over jeans, dressing up and even dressing super casual. I just love the versatility of items like boots. My purse is a new one and is a fun playful touch to my look. It’s an Amazon find and is a fun suede with mesh stars. It’s compact and perfect for running around with. I’ve been doing a lot of walking lately and needed something a bit smaller to take with me. This bag is perfect!

My schedule this week is all over the board. I just laugh when I look at it. I’ve got a couple of fun goals for myself to get me through it all but it should be an adventure for sure! Have a great week y’all and remember to giggle more! πŸ˜‰

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