Fall Nights with a bit of Glam

There are so many reasons that I love Fall. I went on a walk late last night and it was just a peaceful and relaxing time that I got to spend talking with God and looking up at the stars. The sky was alive last night, the air is in that transition stage, deer were out playing and as far as fashion goes it’s so hot and cold you get to mix it up a bit more than normal. But I live for those moments when I get to dress up a bit more than usual.

Black is always in style. I absolutely adore this black high/low dress that’s been hanging out in my closet. It’s an oldie from Lane Bryant, but I’m going to share some similar styles for you.

Dress 1/Dress 2/ Dress 3

I love when dresses have an ease about them. I also love it when they give me that confident feeling that simply flows when I walk. My biggest tip for splurging on a dress? Get one that makes you feel AMAZING in!!

I wanted to dress up the look a bit, but I didn’t want to go totally glam. I pulled my favorite leopard print sole society clutch from Grace Layne as well as my cross earrings from Mad Jewels. Both I wear all the time during this season, the dress just helps play it up a bit more than usual.

My shoes are ancient, but that’s the sign of a good pair right?!? Here is a similar style for you. I haven’t been wearing heels much lately and missed them as soon as I slipped this pair on. Aside from my flip flops I am a heels/wedges girl through and through.

This season is a busy one for me for sure and it’s only just beginning. If your schedule is anything like mine remember to schedule yourself a bit of a break. Especially if you need to catch up on some sleep. I prescribe R&R – Dr. Katie πŸ˜‰ Have a blessed week y’all!

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