Fiesta Party

It’s a short week filled with family, thankfulness and lots of traditional American food. Which is why I am sharing my recent Fiesta Party with you this week! There is nothing I love more than a good theme party and when it was suggested that I do a taco bar for a beloved family member I couldn’t wait! Time to spice it up a bit!

Tacos are so simple. It’s all about the toppings. I just made a list and spent a day of prep chopping and dicing everything. Of course I decided in true Katie fashion to make it a bit extra, so the options were a bit unlimited as you could have a taco, turn it into a salad or nachos and even make your taco walk! I tried to think of it all! My biggest tip for a taco bar is just to make a list and check it off as you go. There are so many topping options that it will ensure you don’t miss a thing. We weren’t a drinking bunch that day so I threw together a pitcher of Mock-Margaritas complete with salt rimmed margarita glasses of course! The recipe was so simple:
-Bottle of Limeade
-1 Lime, cut into slices
-1/2 bottle of Margarita Mix
-1 1/2 Liters Diet 7 Up
That’s it! I mixed it all together and chilled it overnight. The drink was a big hit and was good for a few days as we had quite a bit of leftovers.

It’s November… and I’m throwing a taco party. Not really the normal for this time of year or even a Cinco de Mayo type celebration. So for theming I went with more cactus greens and pink flowers throughout. It’s more noticeable in the cookies. The table runners I made of course picking up the fabric from JoAnn’s to go with the theming. The paper decorations I snagged from my local Dollar Tree which ended up being perfect! Guests were asked to bring a dessert to share but I had cookies made to take home just for them. The party was in honor of my Grandma Toni, hence the Fiesta for Toni written across them! StoneHouse Oven was so amazing to work with! I designed the cookies and their team made them deliciously perfect for my event! Luckily for me their kitchen is located in my town but they ship all over since they’re on Etsy.

Thanksgiving is at my house this year and we are keeping it a bit low key. Although I believe I am headed to Frankenmuth, Michigan on Friday for the day. Make sure to follow along on my insta-stories. For those not familiar with the area, it’s a quaint little German town in Michigan that looks absolutely picture perfect this time of year. Definitely a must do if you are visiting the state. In the spirit of the week I did want to thank you my dear readers new and old. It’s because of you that I get to keep posting and sharing bits of my life with you and I love every moment of that adventure. It has opened new doors for me like never before and I am so grateful for it. I hope that you have a blessed Thanksgiving!

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