My 3 Ugg Picks this Season

If there was one item I knew I wanted going into this season it was a new pair of Ugg slippers. Well, I might have splurged a bit a bought three pairs of Ugg’s! Granted all three pairs are completely different shoes thus justifying my not so guilty reasoning for treating myself to some sheepskin gorgeous pieces of warmth this winter.

Let’s start with the more practical one on my list. The boots! Granted these Bridgit ankle boots are 3” wedges, but they are totally adorable wedges and will keep my feet toasty warm this winter. These pieces of warm perfection have been a perfect addition to my wardrobe this season, they tend to elevate my outfits and bring my winter looks to a snow queen level of sophistication. I went with the “mole” color as I can pair it with more of my navy’s and grey’s that I have. I also was trying to break away from the classic black a bit… we’ll see, I might need to order it in black as well.

These Cozette Slides were definitely my should I or shouldn’t I purchase. In part because I really didn’t want to say goodbye to my flip flops and I thought that these would help ease the transition period for me. At least I could see my toes. I went with the “oyster” color to keep it neutral and match all of my pajamas. I can’t help it, I like things to match! These are a bit chunky, but I wear them around the house like slippers. Although the soles are hard enough that they could be worn out and about. I’m just not sure if I’m ready to sport fuzzy sandals out and about. I am glad I splurged as they are a fun addition and totally different than the rest.

Last but not least is my absolute favorite pair and reason for ordering Ugg’s to begin with! The Scuffette II Cosmos in Quartz is an absolute stunner in person! My toes literally sparkle. I feel like it’s made for the unicorn/mermaid lover in your life and would be a great gift idea. The slipper has a hard rubber sole with the classic light pink sheepskin inside keeping you toasty warm and sparkling. For the most part the glitter does not shed, I think after wearing them for a month I’ve found maybe two flakes. It’s beautifully made and impeccable quality. I’m practically living in these sparkly statement slippers this season and I’m not sorry about it. #totallyworthit

There you have it, my three Ugg picks for this season. They also make perfect gift ideas if you’re stuck on what to get that special Lady in your life. This Space Girl is doing a balancing act this week. I’m getting a ton done during the day marked off of my to-do list. While at night I am making time to do things I love and enjoy the Christmas season! Have a blessed week y’all!

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