New Year, New Priorities, More Coffee

Happy New Year Lovelies!! It’s time to get a bit honest with you this coming year with LLP… I’ve prided myself on my consistency for years now and unfortunately, I need to warn you that this coming year is about to get a bit inconsistent. My priorities are elsewhere as they should be right now. While you will totally see updates from me with lots of fun and exciting content, it just might not be every week like you’ve come accustom to.

This post is sponsored by Nordstrom Rack, but is written by myself with my own opinions.

I took the weeks around Christmas and New Year’s off to catch up, rest my mind and completely pause. Apparently, I wasn’t doing a well enough job on my own because God decided to give me a cold that sent me to bed for four days. His plan, not mine. Here I was going to start my taxes… I actually had a whole list of things to do, and not a single one is done. But I did sleep, rest my mind and was forced to just stop.

Change was my word for 2019 and those changes are still happening. It hasn’t slowed down for a second. I was given Rise for this season of my life, not necessarily for the year and am currently owning that one almost like a bumper sticker. I can’t wait to hear what my word and theme is for this coming year as this past one has been full of surprises.

Now, onto my outfit details! Keeping a bit more business casual in the new year, after all that’s my new wardrobe. This tie top is a fun mix from Nordstrom Rack. It’s a layered top with a built-in shell so it’s not completely transparent. The dotted pattern is completely me and has a playful cut out neckline. The sleeves are fitted and it’s all perfectly completed by tying it together with a bow or not at the bottom.

I paired the top with my black corduroy pants from KUT, my go-to black booties and my favorite leopard clutch. Y’all know I just adore these headbands, and the black velvet one brought the texture perfectly from my pants. My earrings are a classic jewel stud from Kate Spade. The necklace is a new rose gold addition to my jewelry wardrobe this year, it’s my latest amazon find! I just love the delicate touch of the initial and how it brings a different personalized touch to my normal monogram.

Of course, I had to kick off the new year with a cup of coffee in my shoot. It’s almost like LLP is going to be turning into a coffee break of sorts of my mind. So, go fill your mugs and have a blessed week yall!

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