First Home Updates

I know some of y’all have been anxiously awaiting some home updates so here we go with some sneak peeks. I figured after living in my tower for a bit more than a month it was finally time to start sharing some pictures and what’s been happening inside.

Living Room

Master Bedroom


Dining Room


  • I have painted all but one room. When I bought my condo it was all a buttercream yellow, I’ve made it all a shade of gray that tends to take on other colors depending on the light. My bathroom looks more like a purple, my room looks blue and the hallway looks gray. But they are all the same exact color.
  • A monarch butterfly decided to move in for a couple days. Despite my best efforts I could not get him out of my house. I finally named him Stuart and let him take up residence in my entryway.
  • Speaking for animal visitors… I’ve had two frogs make appearances, neighborhood dogs, duck sightings, countless birds having discussions with me and even one bird was passed out on my patio couch. He didn’t build a nest or make a mess, but we are talking this little guy was sound asleep and comfy.
  • There are exactly three boxes left to unpack. All three are filled with office items and I’ve just come to pretend that they don’t exist.
  • My kitchen took me five days to unpack. I don’t need anything when it comes to the kitchen, in fact someone might want to raid my yard sale boxes for kitchen items.
  • I had to buy very little furniture, most of which went in my bedroom. The only furniture I have left to buy is dining room chairs. I just can’t decide which ones I want!
  • Tucker has taken immediately to his new home. His personality is actually completely different, I’ve been calling him “Beach Tuck” because he is so relaxed. I’m thinking about having a blog on how I moved him as it turned out way better than I imagined.
  • With all of my windows and the way my unit faces the sun I do not have to turn on a single light until 8:30-9pm. I am LOVING all of the natural light!
  • Just like any other homeowner, I have a to-do list a couple pages long. Meaning my rooms aren’t done yet, but I can’t wait to share before/afters once they are close!
  • My clothes. Never will I admit that I have too many, but I will say my closet space seems to have shrunk. My pants now have their own closet in the dining room until I can figure things out. That was of course after they broke my hanging rack and they took down the clothing rack that was built in the laundry room. I’m thinking the laundry room rack wasn’t built into the studs. But closet space and where to store my clothes has become somewhat of an adventure.
  • My entire condo is on top of three garages except for my front door. Which is why I call my home the Tower.
  • I haven’t figured out where to put my books. For that reason they are in a suitcase and I keep rolling them around. I’m open to suggestions!! But there is no room for a bookshelf either, so that option is out.
  • I have no green thumb. However, I now have plants. I have to keep reminding myself to water them and have made it a secret mission to not let these little beauties die. Pray for them y’all!
  • I didn’t go in with decor plans. Since this is my first home I wanted to just get everything in and go from there. I discovered that once everything was coming together, looking around that I have a beach house vibe. It’s made it fun, peaceful, modern and comfortable. It’s actually made me relaxed beyond belief! No one tell Tucker that the pond out back isn’t the ocean…

My Monarch visitor, Stuart.

My Conference Room 9-5, M-F

That’s about it so far! I have spent quality time out on my balcony (aka Conference Room), am still working for space during the day and slowly turning my new house into a home. Have a blessed week y’all!

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