Mr. Sanchos

I’m sure we’re all in need of a vacation at this point! With the travel industry still on pause, I thought it would be best to resume sharing my travel posts from the winter. So, let’s take a mini-vaca via this post to Mr. Sanchos in Cozumel!

I was so busy with work that I really didn’t do any research prior to going to Mr. Sanchos. I let my family pick this one and boy did they hit it out of the park. It was also a bonus, because it became a complete surprise for me. I grabbed a cab outside of the gates to the port, make sure to tell them that you have a reservation on Mr. Sanchos! The cab drivers will try and take you someplace else otherwise, ours still tried it with us and we had him turn around. Once you get through the pretty Mr. Sanchos gates and step into the palm covered path it’s smooth sailing!

Along the path are shops, vendors and other souvenirs. Pretty much the same things that you will find at port. The Sanchos team have done a great job of contracting out space to help make this a one stop shop. You then enter the main entrance where you pay for your all inclusive experience and are given a wristband proving your a chosen guest. Reservations are highly recommended! It was there that I was introduced to Russel, my waiter, tour guide, bartender and pretty much your new best friend for the day.

The buffet if you choose to for-go your waiter.

This awesome DJ had 90’s pop rolling all day!

Russel took me through the paths passing pools, buffet lines, the DJ, hammocks… until we reached the beach where he sat me and my family at a table right along the shore. He told us the basics as it was our first time, we were pretty much free to roam and we could always wish to help ourselves rather than have him wait on us. I chose to make Russel my new BFF and he kept the peach daiquiris coming!

My crew came hungry! We started with tacos and nachos, when in Mexico right!? This was my first time having a beef taco as a baby carnivore and let me tell you, it was awesome! Not to mention that it was pretty much my breakfast as we got there early. How the menu works is that you can order whatever you want, whenever you want and as much as you want.

Right behind our table were lounge beds steps from the water’s edge. The beds are first come first served and you better believe that was my next stop. It’s there that you can see how big this place really is! The best part? Russel will bring you drinks even in the water.

This water play ground is also included!

I spent quite a bit of time relaxing, taking in the water and totally zoning out. This was my last port before returning home and I made sure to take as much of it as I could. I did my mermaid thing collecting shells and bits of coral while wading in the water. After a couple hours I returned back to my table when I saw Russel bringing lunch from the kitchen.

We decided on all the shrimp on the menu, while my Dad ordered a burger. I didn’t eat the rice or the veggies so I really can’t comment on those, but the shrimp were outstanding! The garlic was my favorite out of the bunch but the fried were a close runner up. Also, if you end up treating yourself to Mr. Sanchos, get the coconut popsicle and skip the ice cream! Thank me later. While you are enjoying your time on the beach the vendors will start going table to table, it’s perfectly fine to say no thank you. It’s also fun if you treat yourself and live in the moment.

I got a “Katie” bracelet from one of the vendors.

I finally went exploring towards the end of my day here on the island. It was then I realized how much I had zoned out and started taking in the other amenities for my next visit. I never even went in the pool! I also found a giant house that you can rent with private facilities, the magic kitchen that Russel went in and out of, places for massages and even more vendors. The whole place seemed alive with people and they weren’t anywhere near capacity that day.

Magic Kitchen

This is the house that you can rent!

Of course I made my way back to my spot to take in the water one last time. I knew this was the perfect way to end my vacation as I was dancing to 90’s pop (thanks DJ!), drinking peach daiquiris and swimming in the Caribbean!

My Cozumel BFF!

Mr. Sanchos became a must for me for any future trip to Cozumel! I’m still dreaming of that magic land! Welcome back to reality dear readers and I hope that you have a blessed week!



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