Mahogany Bay 2020

If you can believe it, out of a two week cruise this was the only port that I really went shopping. This was my second time in Mahogany Bay and with me having a beach day the following day, I wanted to take it easy and stock up on some sundresses.

Views from the Serenity deck onboard the Carnival Freedom

Mahogany Bay is Carnival’s little port on the island of Roatan with is off the coast of Honduras. I was beyond excited to be stopping here, but not for the reason that you might think. One of my servers, Santos was going home (Honduras) after our trip. The crew spend up to 9 months onboard and only two months off, which they are given a plane ticket home. Since I saw Santos every night for two weeks, the excitement for him was spreading! I might have also had fun throwing him off a bit when I answered him in Spanish. πŸ˜‰ When we finally docked in Honduras, he was one of the first ones off as he went to go drop off his luggage with his family. Especially since there was only three days left in our journey! I was so excited for him! When I was in line at customs I ran into him one last time and wished him well on his journey. Of course, I was also that person cheering his name when he came down the gangway. Needless to say, I loved my servers this trip and wish I could bring them with me trip to trip.

Petru and Santos! Such an amazing duo!!

Back to the island! Mahogany Bay is known for it’s fun ski lift down to a private and pristine beach. I chose to forgo that option this time as I was headed to Mr. Sanchos the next day, but if you’re headed that way I definitely recommend it! I chose to take it easy and stroll through the little shops. At this point I really had not bought anything, no dresses, no souvenirs… Unless it was an iced latte on the ship, I was really behaving myself. We know that I would live in dresses if I could, and I made a nice contribution to that goal during my time on Roatan.

After my strolling, shopping and sipping an iced latte that I bought for wifi I headed back to the ship. My favorite little spot in the Serenity deck ended up being a perfect spot for the most breath taking views of the island.


That’s it! Told you I took it easy on the island. However, the last couple of months I have been rocking my purchases from that day. Thinking about sharing one or two of them on the blog, but we shall see. I also made sure to stock up on some duty free favorites as my adventures were almost to an end.

Note the seasick patch behind my ear! Cruise selfie 101: Make sure to capture the side of your head that doesn’t have the patch! Also, I totally recommend these! Especially for this extreme motion sickness girl.

I hope y’all have a wonderful rest of your week. I’m hoping I may just be able to sew in my new sewing room this weekend. Fingers crossed!

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