Before & After: Living Room

My living room is done, clean and before Tucker decides to get out all of his toys I thought it would be best to photograph it. This room was my dining room my first day on the floor, my bedroom my first two nights here and thankfully my living room all the times in between. Today, I am sharing the transformation of the room that I spend most of my time in.

Before. View from the Kitchen.

My living room is filled with pieces with history, hidden meanings and peaks into my life. Let’s dive in a bit, shall we? The sewing table in the corner that I repainted teal was my Grandmother’s. I remember sewing on it when I was growing up and I even had my sewing machine set up on it when I first moved in. For now it’s in a perfect spot hiding Tucker’s toy’s and a small collection of books. The cedar chest that I am using as a coffee table was also my Grandmother’s. I absolutely love the smell inside and it’s filled with half of my completed quilts. It was a complete accident that it became my coffee table, but I loved having it there so it quickly became permanent and intentional. The quilts I couldn’t stuff into the chest are nicely rolled into a bin over by the TV. If I keep completing more I’m going to need another spot to store them.



Let’s address the gorgeous teal chair and ottoman in the room. This wingback beauty is probably one of a kind at this point. The chair was originally mustard yellow velvet and straight out of the 70’s, it was in my Grandmother’s living room when I was growing up. The chair is insanely comfortable and it turns out wingbacks are actually hard to find at the moment. The ottoman was a dark green floral and matched a completely different chair that belonged to my Mamaw. Growing up it was in my Mamaw’s house in Smithfield, Virginia before making it’s way to my parent’s house. Eventually the chair ended up thrown out and the ottoman belonged to me since I have always loved it. Finally, I took this dynamic comfortable duo to an upholster to get a makeover that matched more my taste… and each other. It turned out absolutely gorgeous and ended up becoming a showpiece in my living room. The fabric I chose is actually outdoor/indoor which means it’s super durable.

I actually didn’t realize that I had a beach vibe going on until the cardboard disappeared. The only new pieces in this room were the end tables and I filled them with pictures of family, books and seashell treasures from my travels.

I can’t believe it’s the end of July already, this summer has flown by! I’ll be trying to soak up as much sun as possible out on my patio while it lasts. Have a blessed week y’all!

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