Before & After: Balcony

I think I took a nap almost every single day last summer outside on the patio. I used to work my day job in a room with no windows and no doors, so I would come home and soak up every ounce of sunshine I could. When I moved into my Tower I knew immediately I was going to need to turn my balcony into a space that was instant nap worthy for the summer. Luckily, I found just that early on!

Before. March/April-ish. Still Winter in Michigan.

I will be honest, I was searching online for weeks! My Mom actually sent me this set from World Market and it was an instant “add to cart” type of moment. Due to the pesky pandemic we seem to be experiencing this year, the shipping was super delayed and it finally arrived mid-May-ish. The pieces arrived with assembly required, which is actually a good thing as I had to build the couch on the balcony in order for it to fit.

I was clearly still unpacking. Note: Tucker was trying to help, you can see his toys around the pieces. Also, that was a LOT of trips up and down the stairs!

The couch and coffee table are from World Market. They fit perfectly and give it a fun beach vibe! The navy rug I had from my studio, it was an indoor/outdoor rug and fit perfectly in this space. Here is a similar one. The jars of shells are from my mermaid adventures to the ocean. I think there is only four shells that I didn’t actually collect myself. They are such a fun touch to the space and fit in perfectly. I don’t have a green thumb in my body, but the herb garden was a gift. I tried my best to keep it alive… for the majority of the summer at least.

Pond views. The water has a fountain type thing, so we have a water sound feature as well.

When I first found the pieces I hadn’t quite realized how much I would use the space this year. Like so much of the world I am working from home for the foreseeable future for my day job, and I am loving every minute of it! Well, I am now using this space as much more than a nap space. I have taken conference calls out here, lunch breaks, another workspace or even just another lounge space during the non-working hours. Not to mention the weekend! When you are staying home more you tend to use every room of your Tower that you can, am I right?!

The final touches to the balcony were from Lowe’s with the pink palm accent pillows and USA flag! I have always loved Lowe’s outdoor collections. I’ve recently been given a grill and have working on mastering my grilling skills. Especially now that I’m a carnivore. So, a grill has been added to the space for the fall season. A girl’s gotta tailgate somehow right?!

I hope y’all had a wonderful and safe Labor Day weekend! I took last Friday off so that I could extend mine a bit and spent most of my time sewing and disconnecting. Worked wonders for my mind and creativity! Have a blessed week y’all!

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