Before & After: Entryway

My screen door has finally arrived completing my entryway and I couldn’t wait to finally take pictures and share it all with you! Especially since it’s decorated for my favorite season. Although, I need to get moving on the binding for my halloween quilt if I want to get it hanging in time to replace the whales.

Before: Front Door. Notice the Realtor lock!

My entryway is such an awkward space, it truly only allows one person to stand in comfortably. I usually have to stand or sit on the steps if I let anyone else inside. Due to it’s ‘L’ shape it’s also a bit hard to photograph so let’s describe it a bit for you. My entryway obviously has a front door and immediately has a staircase that goes up to the rest of my condo. (That’s kind of why I call my home a Tower.) I also have the door to my garage and a coat closet inside. Apparently it’s not well insulated so the builder installed a separate heater as well.

If you’ve been paying attention to my social media, yes that is a crumbl box. Yes, I went back. No, I’m not ashamed. Yes, we might be developing a cookie problem. Send Cookie Monster, we need to chat… or sing it out.

I had Tucker’s painting commissioned years ago by local artist Lindsey Dahl!

Before: Entryway

There are some hints of my late Grandmother hiding in plain sight that most wouldn’t even know. The Italian marble table in the corner was actually hers! It was always one of my favorites and is now perfect for helping me keep a box for easy grab items like Tucker’s leash, pet bags etc. The gold hangers hanging in the closet are another item straight from my Grandmother’s old coat closet reserved for guests. Old habits. Both are such on trend right now that like I said, you wouldn’t know! For similar items I would check out HomeGoods as that’s my usual go-to for fun items such as those. Which is actually where I snagged my blue runner rug!

Before: Entryway

I feel like this is the room that I can’t keep clean, clean the most and am constantly keeping a diffuser on. Since this is literally where I come and go as well as take Tucker in and out it is very much used. One of my first purchases was this plug in diffuser from Amazon after moving in! (It’s plugged in under the whale quilt) I didn’t realize that having the garbage can in the next room (garage) would make that much of a difference and since it’s just me, I only take it out every other week. Granted, it is on the farthest wall and corner possible. The diffuser helps, big time. Plus, it makes my house smell like peppermint!

While this closet isn’t holding all of my coats, I knew I needed to create an easy to grab “Winter Ready” area. Aren’t these baskets just the cutest?! I just love the rope, it gives it a touch of a nautical flair which goes with my beach feel around the Tower. The baskets on top hold hats, scarves and gloves. I live in Michigan y’all, so as much as I don’t want to believe it I know what’s coming after Fall. During Spring and Fall it’s really nice to have light jackets up front to grab when taking Tucker out as well or on my way out the door.

Before: Entryway Closet

Before: Entryway walkway

There you have it, another part of my home finally complete! I have hit the ground running this week completing tasks that have been long on my to-do list. Such as my finishing my tree skirt! Just in time for Christmas this year!! I know, I’m early. Have a blessed week y’all!


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