Walking through Fall in Polka Dots

Is it just me or am I living in a fairy tale that looks like it suddenly got a magical fall transformation!? I’m styling this polka dot top from Fashom, my new adorable booties from Target and touches of velvet and leather all wrapped into one. If my winter decides to look straight out of a Hallmark movie, I’ll consider it a blessing! It would make it much more bearable this year.

Remember my latest Fashom box post from August? The blush polka dot shirt was a great call on the stylist’s part, I’ve been loving it! I can’t wait to start layering it as the temperatures change with my jackets and sweaters. The changing of seasons is sadly on it’s way and I definitely recommend trying out a box during that time. You can save $10 off your first box with Fashom here. Your stylist will pick out several pieces and you get to choose what actually gets sent to your doorstep. I have definitely been surprised over the years at pieces that I never thought I would like but ended up loving! It’s a great way to try new things, stock up on staples or even just to have a personal stylist do the shopping for you.

I’ve been keeping accessories really light lately because, well #masklife. My favorite velvet wire headbands are out in full swing. You can get the multi pack here. I have used these for years and absolutely love them! I also use them as gifts a lot, they make great stocking stuffers! 😉 My bracelet I snagged on my cruise last winter but I found a similar style for you on Amazon here.

My clutch is quite a few years old by now. It’s either one of a kind or the seller (who is no longer selling) made only a couple, I honestly can’t remember. I do remember that it’s a vintage clutch that she repurposed and I purchased it before she even listed it for sale! The saying is just so me! Actually, I think I say that to Tucker every morning as I turn the coffee pot on before letting him outside. I’m a big fan of cute clutches that help make an outfit, especially ones that never go out of style. I’ve listed a few of them here for you.

 Ok, But first Coffee // Coffee, Mascara, Hustle // Acrylic Star Box

Despite having not really worn shoes for the past 8 months, black booties were on the top of my actual need list for fall this year. I kind of ended winter last year in Washington DC (which I really haven’t shared much about) and the scooter I was riding ended up taking a bite out of my favorite booties. Needless to say, it was time for this girl to get a new pair! As soon as I saw the Bessie Wedge Bootie at Target I knew I had to run over there and try them on… two stores later. If only I had actually checked the app that’s already downloaded to my phone to see the boots that I had been staring at for a week to see that they weren’t being carried in the nearest store that I went to prior to looking for them. You know, like a modern technology person nowadays. They were totally worth it once I slipped them on with their magic memory foam and adorable laces that are just for show. They have zippers on the side, which are one of my requirements for booties. These are my first from the Universal Thread brand and I found that it runs true to size. See, I saved you time by traveling to two different stores for you! Also, I found more adorable shoes I want to order in that brand now…

Happy Halloween everyone! As much as I love fall, I really don’t like Halloween and choose to lay low and watch movies every year. I go more for the cute and fun kind of Halloween, definitely not a scary/creepy crawly type of person. Last year was so funny in my small town, WAY before the pandemic and houses were complaining at lack of trick or treaters! They formed a list of addresses and what kind of candy they were handing out online to entice them the night of. That’s how desperate it got. Fast forward to this year… that list long forgotten and they have built a candy map! Complete with those that have created creative socially distance type measures, types of candy etc. So, I’ll be keeping an eye on my town curious to see how this one goes while watching movies. Halloweentown is a fav! 😉

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