Midnight, Tier’s & Flutters

Give me a dress with a twirl factor mixed with a bit of wind and I’ll be over here amusing myself and giggling for at least 10 minutes. Don’t mind me, just keep walking. This dress from Main Street Dresser has so many fun words to describe it. Midnight, tier’s and flutters are only a few.

This post contains items gifted by Main Street Dresser as well as hand picked by myself.

This Midnight Tiered dress from Main Street Dresser (MSD) is just so much fun and has so many details, let’s hope I can cover most of them. It’s a black dress with a dot pattern that reminds me of confetti! The dress is built in layers, or tiers as they call them that create the ruffles and make it perfect for twirling. It flows beautifully and my favorite part is the flutter sleeves! It has a bit of a stretch, so it’s forgiving but pretty much runs true to size.

My earrings were a birthday gift from MSD last month and they are just perfect for this time of year! I love the modern leaf touch. It was such a surprise to find them on my doorstep when I came home that night, thank you so much!! Make sure to check out MSD’s accessories page for some similar fun earrings listed!

These cut out black booties are a bit old but here are some similar ones for you. If you live in a bit warmer temps then Michigan they are perfect for your winters. As for me, I have a very short window in which I can wear them and that is closing very soon. Don’t worry, I’ve been getting some very cute boots to keep my feet toasty this year that will be making some appearances on the blog soon.

I am thrilled to see that other brands are putting out hot pink this coming season as a must color! Of course, it just made me go to my closet and pull out all of my fun accessories that I love and use all year round. It’s about time y’all got on the band wagon! One of my favorites is my Rebecca Minkoff leather crossbody purse. It holds just the essentials and is simply timeless. Wallet, keys, phone, lipstick, mask… Which brings the question, are y’all still wearing lipstick if you’re wearing a mask? Who else has been slacking in the makeup department lately? #guilty.

I’m warning y’all now, it’s going to start looking a bit like Christmas around here next week! And a bit sweet too! πŸ˜‰ Have a blessed week y’all!

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